With Great Vaginal Health Comes Great Responsibility…Or Does it?

When it comes to vaginal health, developing mindful and deliberate self-care routines make all the difference in staying ahead of all those troublesome issues. Research suggest that 75% of women get at least one yeast infection during their lifetime. Some feminine care routines can lead to dryness, burning, irritation and uncomfortable sensations at most inopportune times. Such outcomes can lead to infections like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, which we can be as embarrassed to speak of as to be left alone to deal with.


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Shower Daily

Washing the vulva once a day with warm water or mild soap is simple and basic. While douching is never a good idea when it comes to vaginal health, a gentle feminine wash that is pH balanced and designed to eliminate those pesky odor-causing bacteria may be just the ticket to a more confident you and comfortable lady parts.

Plant-based Feminine Care Honey Pot Co. Natural Feminine Wash is 100% naturally infused with herbs formulated to eliminate odor-causing bacteria from your lady parts. It cleanses and boost moisture levels without applying any harsh ingredients contained in other commercially-sold, chemical-infested feminine care products. So basically, Honey Pot Co, puts your vagina in good and capable hands.

Curb Your Eating Habits

The proof is in the pudding…or should I say yogurt? Yogurt naturally contains the good types of bacteria that help maintain vaginal pH and helps prevent yeast infections. As well, increasing your water intake will help with lubrication as well as with deodorizing in those special areas of your lady parts. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain many minerals and nutrients that support healthy vaginal walls and prevent vaginal dryness.

Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear is the most breathable fabric which is perfect for your vulva. Yeast thrives on moisture and moisture gets trap in underwear that don’t breathe well, such as silk, and synthetic fabrics. Use Honey Pot Co. Panty Spray adds to your confidence, comfort, and self-assurance with extra care so you can have a worry-free day all day every day.

Listen to Your Body

If you experiencing discomfort or pain, you should definitely seek a health professional. Health professionals can assess and provide high quality services that can promote good vaginal health, prevent diseases, and enhance your overall long-term wellbeing.



What other ways to keep your “lady parts” clean and healthy? Comment below!

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