This Premium Activewear Line Puts Brown Skin Women At the Forefront

A new normal in exercise and workout routines are emerging. Home-based workouts are lately in vogue, with once rarely used space in garages and spare bedrooms taking on new importance as the riskiness of working out in commercial gyms become more obvious.

Literally, every home exercise equipment and attire store has sold out on the most desirable weight sets and benches, and workout attire has become rare with a narrow range of choices that leave much to be desired.

Our at-home collection of leggings, sports bras, and sneakers are becoming threadbare from overuse, and our sense of fashion has taken a back seat to functionality, comfort, and durability. While for some of us, working from home is a new normal and for others, a hobby worth our indulgence, but ultimately our look, in a nod to fashion, makes all the difference in our commitment to the effort, as to how we look affects how we feel.

As such, let me introduce you to a fresh new brand of athletic wear that I am sure you will be excited about. Roam Loud, the ultimate activewear collection that will have you looking and feeling brand spanking new! You will take pride and appreciate the time and attention they have applied to create and produce these high-quality pieces, making them affordable and a literal bargain when compared to other premium activewear brands, and being a black-female owned enterprise to boot, makes it all even more worth the search! 

Inspired by her grandmother and committed to putting brown skin women at the forefront, Wander in Chief of Roam Load, Toyin Omisore, has created an activewear line that all women, regardless of size and figure, (’cause you know we have curves), can wear comfortably, and look amazing in any angle.

“There are so many women just like myself that hold an importance to health and wellness in their lives. So why not a brand offering that supports that journey through premium pieces where we are seen and celebrated,” stated  Omisore — a public announcement that you belong as much as anyone else.

You’ll find versatile pieces in all sorts of different styles: seamless, breathable leggings in an assortment of colors (from royal blue to neon pink), full-coverage sports bras and crop tops that actually support, and sweat-wicking, fitted jackets which are equally great for indoor and outside workouts. Roam Loud, is a reminder to navigate the world boldly.

Shop Roam Load  activewear collection, available now online at 

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