This Motivational Speaker Wants To Give Your Natural Hair A Break!

Name: Coyetta Mitchell
Hometown: Toronto, CN
Occupation: CEO – My Wave Life Hair Co., Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host of Being Cocoa B
Instagram: @beingcocoabpod
Fun Fact: “I am actually a very shy person.”

Coyetta can do it all! Or so it seems…
She created a high-quality hair extension line to give women with natural hair an opportunity to take a break while freely expressing their beauty as they choose. While fighting to change the stereotype of hair extensions for women of color, Coyetta continues to positively impact her community through giving and using her company as a platform for promoting better access to clean water for families. Coyetta is not only a powerful motivational speaker, serving in live chat sessions, on business panels, and through interviews, speaking out and defending causes she has come to believe in, she hosts her own podcast to connect with businesswomen to mentor, counsel, and share her expertise on succeeding in business. As well as have a straight talk about mental health issues and how we address the challenges they present. She is a goal-oriented, go-getter with a passion for reaching back and lifting up others, and she’s not planning to stop anytime soon. We caught up with this busy queen to talk about how she does it all while making it look easy…
MN: Tell us about yourself, what’s the foundation of your passion for helping people in need?
Coyetta: I’m someone who has always been a natural helper and I’ve always desired to do more and impact people’s lives in a meaningful way. I also wanted to show my own children that there is more to life than the bubble we live in and we can do our part.
MN: Can you think of a story that has been the most impactful thing to you as of now?
Coyetta: Honestly, I’ve come across so many stories that have touched me. If you simply watch the news you’ll hear more than enough negativity and all of it really has made me want to create some good in this world.
MN: Your passion for this cause is contagious and inspiring. How do you manage the enthusiasm you inspire in others?
Coyetta: I think it’s important to keep a level head because sometimes your passions can become burdensome if you don’t manage your expectations.
MN: Coyetta, who is your personal hero and why?
Coyetta: I can’t say I have a personal hero however, I do have women whom I admire. They all seem to share common traits that like strength, fearlessness, the desire to lift up others and make a difference. Those are the qualities I admire and strive for.
MN: Some challenges are obvious and in your face, can you tell us about the greatest counter-intuitive challenge you’ve faced in this initiative and your most successful strategy in overcoming it?
Coyetta: I think some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced are with myself. Sometimes we set goals and over think it so much that we start to battle with our own minds when your reality shows that we are actually doing the work and making progress. I think it’s important to step back and evaluate the situation. Often times you’ll find that there is magic in that process.
MN: How has your life changed running your own business? What is the good, bad, and ugly of being an entrepreneur?
Coyetta: Life is a little busier however, it’s all about scheduling and prioritizing your life and what’s important to you. The fact is being an entrepreneur is not easy, you are the captain of the ship. Some days are great and some are not so great; however, it’s important to remember your mission and that will propel you forward.
MN: What advice would you give women who want to follow your shoes? 
Coyetta: I would say be patient and keep working despite your fears. Success does not come overnight and do not compare yourself to others. Your path might not be the same as others but it does not mean you won’t get there.
MN: Describe your business in three words. 
Coyetta: Expression, quality, charity.
MN: What is currently on your playlist? 
Coyetta:  I love gospel music to keep me inspired so I have some Mali, Kierra Sheard, and a splash old-school reggae.
To know more about Coyetta, check out her website My Wave Life. Each purchase gives $1 donation to WaterAid, a nonprofit organization providing efforts to clean water access for families in need.

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