These 4 Trends Will You Have You Ready for Fine Girl Fall

Welp hot girls and non-binary hotties, summer is officially over. Depending on where you’re reading this from it may not feel like it is, but according to science, it’s finito. I think we should all thank Megan Thee Stallion for contributing to our hot girl summer, providing the bops and carefree fun vibe that we deserved to experience. Unfortunately for some, with the warm weather soon coming to an end, it’s time to switch out our wardrobe for the anticipation of the chill on the way. If you’re anything like me, I love dressing for the fall and I don’t even have to store everything from my summer wardrobe. If there’s anything that I know well is transitioning your hot girl summer clothes to fine girl fall vibes, I got you covered, pun intended.

Biker Shorts

If you are anything like me this summer, biker shorts were a staple piece in your summer aesthetic. If you’re not ready to let the thigh action go (like me) just yet, try either layering them for those brisk days. I’ve already tried this method and not only does it feel secure, but it’s also just enough warmth without causing heat in uncomfortable places. For fall, pair your biker shorts with an oversized blazer and combat boots. Throw on cute pullover weather and some crew socks with ya boots or sneakers and your good to go!

Slip Dresses & Long-Sleeved Tops

Slip dresses were a resurfaced trend seen all summer, (shout out to the late ’90s and early 2000s) We saw variations of ways that the slip dress was worn, pairing them with sneakers or a sleek and sexy heel were executed beautifully all summer long. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to this look so what I plan on doing, is wearing long and quarter sleeve tops underneath them. My most recent personal discovery has been paring them with turtlenecks, black ones to be exact. Of course, any color or texture can always work but there is nothing more dependable than neutral colors. Slip dresses and skirts are also a great match with crew necks and chunky sweaters. 

Crop Tops

Aka the easiest clothing transition from summer to fall, honestly, I wear crop tops all year round. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can undoubtedly work every time. Now you may not be able to wear every single one from the summer but most of them can be worn and styled for the season. Layer them with and oversized leather or printed jacket, a duster or windbreaker jacket (my fave) and there’s your look! Girl, with a high waist pant or mom jeans?! Oh yeah, you’re in the running sis!

Heels with Socks

If you are a heels girl, trading them in for boots and sneakers isn’t that thrilling for you. I know we’ve all seen this trend last year and it may not seem intimidating to pull off but with the right ensemble, it can be executed beautifully. Socks with heels is a look that I’ve usually seen worn with crew socks and barely-there strappy heels. Or a stylish ankle sock and mule heel, I think it’s such a fun and stylish look. Something to try out before winter roars its unruly head.
Now, of course, none of these style ideas are new under the sun and nothing that we’ve bever seen before. But, have you tried all of these options to extend your hot girl summer trends? I know I haven’t, however, I plan on it. These are guaranteed fall fashion approved looks and very simple adjustments to add to your closet. Fine girl fall is officially in session!
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Janelle Parrish is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Using her voice to share her struggles, stories, and journey, she only hopes to be a progressive tool for other young black women like herself.
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