Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 1 Reunion: A Little Sweet, a Little Sour

After a two-week wait, HBO’s “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” is back for the season reunion. The cast works through the most difficult moments of the first season that left some of their relationships strained.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

The show originally premiered on August 19, 2021. Over the course of nine episodes, we got to know the cast as relatable, Black, 20-something-year-olds working toward achieving their dreams of being successful in the City of Angels.

The stars of the show include Tylynn Burns, Amanda Scott, P’Jae Compton, Jerrold Smith II, Cheryl Des Vignes, Jordan Bentley, Briana Jones, with appearances from Rob Lee, Jaylenn Hart, Rebecca Magett, Kofi Jones for the reunion.

The reunion was hosted by Kameran “Kamie” Crawford, co-host of MTV’s Catfish and Miss Teen USA 2010. 

To kick things off, the cast discussed what it was like being on a reality television show. Some members alluded to feeling like there were expectations on how their lives should be. But, this is their real lives where they’re living and learning as they go.

“We’re all grinding in real life,” Amanda said at the beginning of the reunion.

Relationships: It’s Complicated

There were three established couples and one larger love triangle between four of the cast members at the start of the show. Throughout the episodes, we saw relationship wins, struggles, and fails.

Amanda and Rob kicked off the conversation with loving comments. And for Tylynn and Jaylenn, as he admitted, having their relationship on camera was about supporting his girlfriend’s dreams and goals, and less about himself. But for Cheryl and Jerrold, being on a reality TV show wasn’t something they took lightly.

Once the discussion about the couples was over, it was time to dive into the “entanglement” as Crawford called it.

To make a long story short, P’Jae and Jordan have both dated both Rebecca and Briana—at different times—leading to a complicated he-said-she-said back and forth. But Rebecca wanted to set the record straight, and she did. 

Jordan and Rebecca confirmed they did not have sex, but in Rebecca’s retelling of the story, there was at least one sexual interaction between the two.

“We met each other, we were feeling each other, we made out, and he ate the coconut,” Rebecca said, referring to a comment Jordan made at the beginning of the season about a “lime in the coconut” situation.

As for Briana and Jordan, while there were genuine feelings for each other, their relationship didn’t pan out. They agreed that at the beginning of their relationship, they really enjoyed each other’s company, noting it was “nice and sweet.” 

“I just did not appreciate the hot-and-cold,” Briana said. “We were flirting, we were both equally on each other, and I just felt like for me that was just like a weird stop.” Later she said, “I’m grateful for what was actually shown because I feel like off-camera, me and Jordan were really figuring it out. How we were on-screen and off-screen is like the same, but I really do, value you and our relationship.”

Jordan’s point-of-view on it was that having their relationship on TV put a lot of pressure on them to have a path together whereas, before the show, they were moving in their own direction and at their own speed. 

“Right now, I cannot giver her 100% of what she needs, and it’s like it would be selfish of me to be like, ‘Hey, yo, I’m going to try to date you knowing I’m not going to give you 100%,’ and that will soil the whole entire relationship. I’d much rather be her friend forever,” Jordan said.

They said they’re both single, but Briana is not looking to date right now. And with that, the relationship conversation came to an end.

Palm Springs: The Consequences

Earlier in the season, viewers saw the ugly side of the drama between Rebecca and P’Jae, starting with Amanda’s birthday in Palm Springs. 

P’Jae brought a friend, Myami, on the weekend trip, uninvited and unannounced, throwing the whole trip off for everyone in attendance. Especially for Amanda, Rebecca, and Briana.

It was rocky from the jump and eventually led to a major argument between Rebecca and Myami, and Myami left the trip as early as she could.

The show made it look like Rebecca’s issues were only directed toward Myami and not P’Jae, which Rebecca apologized for. But the lingering issue at the table for the cast was P’Jae not fully understanding the consequences of his actions on Rebecca since the episode aired.

According to Rebecca and Tylynn, Rebecca has received hate mail and death threats since then.

“For Becky, there’s been an immense, incredible amount of hate from threat DMs, death DMs encouraging her to kill herself,” Tylynn said in defense of Rebecca. “There is somebody going through something that is far more extreme than the rest of us is going through, and to try to brush that off because you feel like you were aligned with your moral compass is not enough.”

This wasn’t an issue that could be resolved with one conversation. But P’Jae did apologize for his part and the rest of the cast hopes he’ll grow from that.

The Podcast: A Friendship-Ender?

Toward the end of the season, Jerrold had several of his friends, including Jaylenn, Jordan, P’Jae, and Kofi, join him on his podcast “Basketball Adjacent” to discuss mental health specifically focused on the perspective of Black men and the Black community.

What started off as a positive conversation ended on a sour note when the topic of privilege was brought up, causing an argument between Jaylenn and Jordan. During the season, we saw Jaylenn and Jordan work it out, but things were still not hashed out between Jerrold and Tylynn.

Since that episode, viewers and cast have had differing opinions on how Jerrold should have handled it as the podcast host.

“I think, for me, because I’m very successful at my age right now, the word ‘privilege’ has been used as a negative term to take away from the work that I’ve put in,” Jordan said during the reunion.

Ultimately, there was a lot of miscommunication that lead to an argument at the end of the season as well as the reunion. And Jerrold claims he was neutral in all of it.

However, in a never-before-seen clip, we see Jerrold telling his side of the story to Cheryl that didn’t align with what was said during the season or the reunion. If anything, Jerrold’s story seemed to side with Jordan over Jaylenn.

After an argument breaks out between Cheryl, Jerrold and Tylynn, Kamie helps them have a one-on-one to discuss issues between themselves and their respective boyfriends. Fortunately, they are able to talk it out, ending the conversation with a hug, or a “come to Jesus” moment as Kamie called it.

Not everything was resolved in this one sit-down, but the reunion ended with conversations started and ended. There’s no confirmation of a season two yet, but here’s hoping!


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