Which of These Sweet 16 Candles Have You Been Missing Out On…

OK…So don’t judge me for what I’m sharing with you…but I must say, I have found that I truly love a good candle…to be more precise, I should say I love a good, smelling scented candle. A candle that makes you hesitate to leave home because you know you will be disappointed by the various unknown smells and mysterious funk bombarding your scent glands outside of your four walls. If you’re like a lot of people like myself who love candles, you’re probably always on the lookout for good smells and scents to change the aura of your own space.

Having experienced “scented candle nirvana”, I have placed these bad boys in my living room, bathrooms, and on the nightstand right by my bed, so that I am never far away from the soothing comfort I have discovered in these amazing, scented candles. They are so good, they’ll have you feeling guilty, questioning whether you deserve such olfactory pleasure!

Ranging from bright florals to warm earthy tones, these engaging concoctions carry memorable monikers such as “Don’t Give Him a Woody” and “Grown Folks Business”, just to name a few. We have listed not only our favorite scented candles but earmarked black women-owned and created scented candle products that you can support and enjoy as much as I do!


Mutha Luvin’
Predominantly Black

Soccora Rose


Alexandra Winbush

Lit Brooklyn

Noure Essentials

Posh Candle

Harlem Candle Co.

Javielle Candle Co.

Avant Garde Home

ElonWick Candle Co.

Rebourne Body + Home

Scent + Fire

Lindsey Created

Gidan + Uzuri

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