Summer Walker’s Still Over It Hits With Powerful Advice

Summer Walker’s sophomore album, Still Over It, is filled with madness and glory. The emotional intensity of her music showcases the other side of hip-hop and doesn’t shy away from the heartbreak and pain that comes with dating a rapper – London on Da Track. Summer unapologetically showcases her savage side and ironically wraps with hope and Ciara’s “prayer,” giving a reminder that her story doesn’t end as the hopeless baby mama and the labels meant to label her won’t stunt her. 

What stands out notably is the number of celebrity supporters throughout the album and the valuable advice shared for women who are going through relationship ups and downs. Let’s take a look:

Don’t let them think they’ve one-upped you

Cardi B narrates, Bitter, and shares advice through a voicemail.

 “Well, Summer Walker, you know I been seein’ You know, all the bullshit that’s been goin’ on with you today. And, you know, I don’t know if the rumors are true. I don’t know, I don’t care, it’s not my business, but if it is true. Don’t let bitches, like, make. Don’t let them feel like they have a one-up by destroying your moment. By fucking telling your business to the world. On some, “Ha-ha, yeah, I’ma do it on purpose, I’ma do it spitefully”

Do it your own way and do it beautifully, do it special. If you are pregnant and everything, say it in a beautiful way in your music. Say why you, you know, decided to be with your nigga

Even though you have problems, put that drama in your music, yeah. ‘Cause if bitches wanna get clout off you, you gonna get clout off them. 

Being in love, but not blinded

A fan favorite “No Love,” Walker and SZA regret defending a man who isn’t worth it: “Tried to act like I wasn’t good enough in your eyes/Funny now that you callin’, that you ringin’ my line,” Walker sings. If I did it all again. I would give like ten percent. You deserve like half of that. I’ma need my money back.  

The failed relationship isn’t the end all, be all

Ciara’s Prayer highlights the album. If you can remember there was a time where Ciara and Summer weren’t too different. Ciara found herself as a single mother shortly after giving birth to Future Jr and becoming one of Future’s baby mamas. Ciara shares her prayer with the album and gives advice everyone should hear about owning their self-worth. 

Jesus, I need you, I don’t fully understand everything right now. But I know you have great plans for me. I’m hurting, but there’s purpose in my pain. I need you to restore my faith in love, give me strength. I know I can’t do it all on my own, I’m tired. I don’t wanna hurt no more, I don’t wanna feel like this ever again. Thank you for hearing my cry. I am a queen, I deserve to be treated like one. I’m a warrior, I will get up. I’m a child of God, I’m everything you say I am

I’m an overcomer, I’m built for this. Lord, I’m ready, in Jesus name, Amen


Featured photo: Summer Walker/The New York Times

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