The Simplest Skincare Routine To Fight Off Breakouts

The act of curating the career of my dreams, while simultaneously balancing my burgeoning love life and maintaining my health, can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, to say the least. It’s in those brief moments when I finally believe that I’ve gotten everything under control, that a pesky pimple decides to pop up, smack dab in the middle of my eyebrows! My first reaction, of course, was to poke and prod at it, hoping to rid it’s existence before it gets any worse, however, I know that doing so would only make matters worse.
To reduce my chances of experiencing pimple pain or a terrible scar, I’ve had to force myself to do the hardest thing of all: nothing. While it would bring me great joy to squeeze the life out of my zit until it erupts like a volcano, I know that the best course of action is to continue with my daily skincare routine, and let the little sucker run it’s course, especially since I know that in a day or two, it will be gone for good.
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Cleanser: A Skincare Staple

Sticking to what you know, when treating an unexpected zit, is key. While many people immediately think that they must find a new skincare product, oftentimes what they should do is continue with their normal routine to prevent negative reactions. The first step in creating a simplified skincare routine is finding a cleanser that will suit your needs. Burts Bee’s facial cleanser with cotton extract is great for sensitive skin types, while Garnier’s Miscellar Foaming Cleanser is great at washing away impurities. Regardless of the best type of cleanser for your skin, it’s imperative that you only wash your face with a clean face cloth or clean hands, so that you don’t introduce more dirt to your face.

Toner: The Dream Product

Just as important as the face wash is the use of a great toner. The job of a toner is to provide extra cleaning power to your skincare routine. And depending on the kind that you use, it should be applied after washing your face. Trust me— once you start using a toner in your daily routine, you’ll begin to notice magical benefits of this amazing product: smaller pores, pH balancing power and decreasing your chances of developing acne. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money just to get a quality product. Many of the most popular toners on the market are super affordable (less than $10 for a product that’ll last you over a month) and some even have rave reviews, too!

Serum: Your Saving Grace

If your toner were to be the sun, then your face serum would be the moon. A silky, lightweight serum is great for applying twice a day: once after washing and toning in the morning, and once at night after washing your face. Serums are a miracle product designed to skin tone and texture, as opposed to aggravating it. TruSkin’s Natural Vitamin C Serum and Cosmedica’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum come highly recommended.

Moisturizer: The Main Event

Last, but certainly not least, is the highly sought after facial moisturizer. There are always so many questions surrounding facial moisturizers, such as, “Does my moisturizer need to have SPF in it?” and, “What’s a good moisturizer that won’t leave my skin feeling oily?”. Luckily, the answers to these questions can be found in the millions of face lotions available today, some of which under $10, like Simple’s Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, while others are a bit more pricey (like La Mer’s Moisturizing Soft Cream going for $85.00 for half an ounce). Either way, there’s something for everyone and every budget. Just remember that utilizing moisturizers with SPF can decrease your chances of developing skin cancer.
So as you can see, there’s no need to fret over a breakout and cause unnecessary stress, especially since much stress has been linked to the development of acne. As long as you find the right products to add to your skincare arsenal, and be mindful to clean your makeup brushes regularly and change your pillowcases often, you will be fine and that pimple will be gone in no time!
Brea is a tri-university phenom, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is a certified yoga instructor with prior experience in the fashion and writing industries. When she isn’t working towards obtaining an MFA in Creative Writing, Brea is busy preparing for the January 2019 launch of her brazen and female-inspired visual podcast, Candid Convos, which she co-hosts with her two sisters.
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