Rihanna’s Outfits Show That She’s Not a Regular Mom

Though we craved for a new album drop, Rihanna gracing us with her maternity wardrobe has been the happy medium we never knew we needed. After her debut single, Pon de Replay at the young age of 17 and entering the industry as Jay-Z’s protégé, the Barbadian singer has obtained a $1.7 billion net worth and solidified her name into our hearts as an activist and humanitarian with friends like Prince Harry, Oprah, and more. Now, Rihanna is expecting a baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and though she has accomplished so much, the true highlight as of recent has been her winter maternity outfits. Rihanna has an eye for trends, creating them before they go viral, and she hasn’t let her bump get in the way of that. Actually, Rihanna’s bump has become an accessory itself. Dinner dates with Rocky and Fenty Beauty events have become her runway show and we’ve actively been waiting for the premier of just her baby bump. 

If this is any indication of Rihanna as a mother, I think it is safe to say that we’ll be reporting on her outfit and her soon-to-be babies far more to come. 

Let’s take a look at our favorite recent Rihanna looks as the queen has proclaimed herself queen of maternity.

The announcement! January 31: The pair announced their pregnancy on Instagram posed in uptown Harlem, NY,  where Rocky grew up. Rihanna is sporting a Chanel puffer jacket from the 1996 collection baring her belly and embracing the rumors as true with her belly crowned with jewelry. They are 100% a Black modern Barbie and Ken here. This iconic photoshoot set the standard for pregnancy reveal.

February 11: The parents-to-be appeared at a Fenty Beauty event in Los Angeles, “accidentally” coordinating in grape purple and lime green. Rihanna told People, they didn’t plan on matching, saying “I didn’t know what he was wearing. I didn’t even see him! Like, he left the studio to come here. That always happens with us,” she added. 

“We get dressed in completely separate [areas] across the house, and we leave looking coordinated somehow.” Ri Ri wore a green shredded halter top by The Attico, and her beau Rocky wore a Big League Chew-hued Louis Vuitton letterman jacket and matching Yankee hat.

February 10: An iconic outfit, the singer wears a mixed-material faux fur coat, baggy jeans tied up with the strap of her heels and a short top tied loosely above her belly. Rihanna makes pregnancy look sexy and casual.

February 12: This little miss red riding hood look, includes a custom Alaïa red leather coat with Amina Muaddi “Giorgia” sandals, for Valentine’s day. This red fire look hides her bump and adds to her mysterious “is she or isn’t she pregnant” wardrobe.

February 15: The singer continues to inspire fans with non-traditional mommy-to-be attire. Added to the rotation incorporating belly-baring tops, the singer’s opted for a loose cover-up ensemble. Rihanna revived her heart-shaped Saint Laurent jacket from 2016 worth almost 14K. 

Featured photo: Rihanna

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