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In this new age of Holistics, we are constantly reminded that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. Holistics, by definition, encompasses the whole of a thing and not just the parts, and holistic wellness regimens offer great promise in giving full and equal consideration to the mind, body, and spirit, in setting up a true balance in one’s being.

One holistic wellness protocol that has gotten a lot of attention lately, seeks to enhance our life and lifestyle through superfoods that complement both our physical and spiritual well-being, resulting in a higher sense of personal beauty, emotional resilience, and mental stability. With such virtuous ambitions, we are perfectly justified in pursuing pure, organic, ethically-sourced blends that holistically nurture and engage. Seattle-based Pretty Mushroom is a new herbal blend that combines adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs to bestow a full range of health benefits that include anti-aging properties, memory enhancement, and an energy stimulus while reducing stress and installing vitality. CEO Nadine Joseph is making waves in her quest to aid others in adopting healthier lifestyles by making holistic wellness a natural part of their everyday routines. Nadine is committed to sharing what she has learned and to making holistic wellness inclusive for everyone. We were intrigued by Nadine’s enthusiasm and decided to catch-up with the woman who is making mushrooms, shall we say, “pretty”!

MN: Tell us about yourself. What’s the passion behind Pretty Mushroom?

I was working at a lab studying the neurobiology of stress and became enthralled with the question of how the stressors of the modern world were affecting our bodies overall. While I was studying stress, I was also dealing with chronic stress and anxiety myself so this question had personal roots to it. This launched me into months of dedicated personal research into stress and adaptogens. I started incorporating several adaptogens – like reishi mushroom and ashwagandha – into daily smoothies and tonics. It completely changed my life and healed my eczema and adrenal fatigue. 

However, as I had a research background, I had very high standards for the herbs and mushrooms that I was sourcing. I wanted high purity/potency, as well as ingredients farmed with an eye towards sustainability/ethical practices. That’s a pretty hard thing to do, and it took me a very long time to find suppliers and farmers that I trusted. One day, I took a step back and looked at all the work I had put into this, and realized that I really wanted to share my findings and research with others. So, I decided to launch a line of adaptogenic blends – so that others could easily be introduced into the world of adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs.

MN: How has your life changed running your own business? What is the good, bad, and ugly of being an entrepreneur?

Every day, I wake up with a mixture of gratitude and honestly, underlying fear. Gratitude, that I had the chutzpah to create a company that dares to change the face of wellness into something more inclusive, sustainable, and ethical. There’s something exhilarating and deeply fulfilling about creating a company that embodies my own principles for living life. But, just like there are a lot of new fears that come with becoming a mother, there are a lot of fears that come with being an entrepreneur. There’s the fear of having production issues with our copacker, of receiving products that are broken during shipment, or of our company just overall not succeeding. The “ugly” part of this is that you can’t prepare for or predicts these things (sometimes) and you have to just take them as they happen, day by day. 

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MN: How do you feel about the current landscape of women as business owners?

We are in the minority. And when you’re in the minority of something, you tend to feel isolated, ‘less than’, and unwelcome. I want other women founders to realize that they are not alone and that we are a fierce and growing community. We as women may only be dotting the field of business right now, but I know that with our inherent tenacity and strength, we will be dominating the landscape in time. 

MN: What advice would you give women who want to follow your shoes?

To embrace failures. I grew up as a typical Type A personality – and failure wasn’t something that I was at all comfortable with. I was a perfectionist, to say the least. Accepting failure not as a personal shortcoming, but as a necessary part of the process towards building something, is something that I am working towards every day.

MN: Describe your business in 3 words.

Mindfully sourced wellness! 
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MN: Name your favorite childhood snack.

There are so many, but cinnamon couscous is definitely in my top three! My mom would make a sweet couscous flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, honey, and almond milk. I have fond memories of eating a scoop of it after school, sometimes with a few apple slices on the side. 

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a huge fan of murder mystery podcasts! My playlist right now has Criminal, Over My Dead Body, and Dr. Death on the cue. The RadioLab podcast is another favorite of mine as well.

What is currently on your playlist?

Music-wise, I’m currently jamming to ‘The Next Time Around’ by Little Joy and ‘Cupid’ by Sam Cooke!
Featured Photo: Pretty Mushroom @itsprettymushroom

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