Here Are the Perfect Gifts I Would Love to Give For Mother’s Day

Just in case you need to hear it from someone else, let me be the one to tell you. It’s time to ban those traditional Mother’s Day gifts of flowers and brunch outings, along with those cliché Hallmark cards. It’s time to step up as an adult with loving and thoughtful adult gifts for mom. We know you’ve been looking for the perfect gift, for that special day, so we’re here to help! We have spent the last few weeks researching great gifts that we know your mom would love, especially from you. With impeccable taste and a sure sense of value, we are recommending a few items that thoughtful and designed to appeal to your mother’s personality style. We curated this list of gift ideas that are guaranteed to find favor, touching the heart and inspiring joy in your most favorite loved one–your mom.

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You can’t miss with loungewear that your mom will associate with your warm heart and generosity, whenever she wears it, relaxing and feeling comfortable at home, enjoying her special day.

Reading Book

For something that touches her heart and satisfies her intellect, let mom journey with Jesmyn Ward the New York Time’s bestselling author and two-time National Book Award winner. Jesmyn’s new book “Navigate Your Stars”, is a revelatory, uplifting, and gorgeously illustrated meditation on dedication, hard work, and the power of perseverance from the perspective of a Southern black woman. Mom is guaranteed to be impressed and inspired as she cozies up with this gorgeous thought-provoking book.

Bed Tray

This is the perfect gift for serving mom breakfast in bed, but it can actually go beyond that with a multitude of purposes including a convenient and flexible desk for working from home with her laptop and smartphone placed within easy reach.
mother's day gift idea

Black Girl Magic Wine

My mom and I really love this wine! It has a way of drawing us both in, even with our very busy schedules we find time to hang out and chat over a bottle of wine, bonding and creating memories.

Maxi Dress

Be a grownup and elevate mom’s loungewear with a nice, form-fitting maxi dress that she can wear exclusively around the house or perfectly pair with a nice light jacket and sandals as she steps out for brunch.

mother's day gift idea


A sweet-smelling candle, that doubles as a piece of art offers utility as well as a mature and luxurious element of style to her home décor makes a unique and great Mother’s Day gift.

Cosmetic Bag

My mom can’t wait to get back to traveling again and as soon she’s fully vaccinated, she’s returning back to that jet-set life. I plan to add to her comfort and style with a nice cosmetic travel bag that not only responds to her urge to travel but looks elegant and sophisticated as well.

Body Skincare Oil

IIt’s a fact, Black don’t crack and you definitely got that from your mom. But it’s not to be taken for granted, we must all adopt and maintain a skincare routine. Bio-Oil Skincare oil is a great addition to mom’s skincare regimen, offering uniquely formulated, non-greasy body oils that hydrate skin and help retain moisture, with vitamins that promote formation of new collagen and assist in skin renewal and combat hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines, and scars. Mom will love it, and it will show!


Grace mom with beautifully crafted jewelry pieces from the Motherland that she can wear pretty much every day. This is a great and affordable way to upgrade and dress up your mom on her special day.


Why not give the perfect woman in your life a sweet, smelling fragrance that she can use for a very long time? It would remind her of your love and appreciation every time she sprays this on.

Head Wrap

A multifunctional, stylish head wrap from CeeCee’s Closet would make the perfect mother’s day gift. It’s great for protecting hairstyles or as a go-to hair accessory for a quick errand. She will love it every time she adorns herself with this special gift from her thoughtful daughter.

Cute Pride Shirt 

I just leave this one here…very comfy gift from our own collection :-).

Gift card

If you must and you need a last-minute gift, you can never go wrong with a gift card. A gift card to the spa or her favorite shopping place is not a bad idea and enough to let her know how much you still care that she brought us into the world.

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