These ‘Oath The Label’ Candles Will Have Your Home Looking Luxurious….

Don’t you just love a nice, fragrant candle? How about one that offers an elegant esthetically pleasing décor to your home interior? A new form of home art décor has taken center stage and is quickly becoming a statement of feminine and body inclusive confidence!

We came across this collection of scented candles that not only makes your place look luxurious but also channel and embrace the sensuous elegance and beauty of the female form. Beautifully sculptured in color, posture, and voluptuous curves, these evocative female nude torso candles are uniquely designed to appeal to form and function.

Based out of Toronto, Ca., Desma Atoe’s  female torso candle designs are often seen as decorative elements in the homes of many interior influencers and celebrities of discriminating artistic taste. Enriched with earthy, melanated tones and serene vibes, you can’t help but be captivated and drawn in by her collection, instinctively purchasing not one, but several candles that can be conspicuously displayed in your home. These artistic pieces are perfectly suited for placement on fireplaces, dressers, nightstands, and coffee tables, portraying a sense of appreciation and sensuality of a woman’s body. 

Oath The Label
When Desma is not working in the legal industry, she is indulging into her creative side by curating women-figured candles. With her legal background and love for candles, she derived the name Oath The Label for her candle business. What’s so real and captivating about this collection is its full celebration of different body types and shapes, depicting the variety and pure sensuality of all women.

One of her favorites, as well as ours, is the Ashanti candle. Bringing a new twist to the traditional, nude female torso figurine scented candle. It embraces a more curvaceous look, embracing all shapes and sizes of women.

Oath The Label - Ashanti

Desma has boldly stood up to and overcome many of the challenges she faced as a new entrepreneur, and currently does everything from design, sculpture, packaging and shipping, customer service, coordinating photoshoots, and marketing as well, by herself as a solo entrepreneur. You can not deny she has a gift for capturing the joy and comforting calmness felt in any room her candles are displayed.


To learn more about Oath the Label and want to purchase her beautiful candles, visit her website. Enjoy!

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