Our New Digital Membership Is the Real Deal! And Here’s Why You Should Sign Up!


Over the years, you have been searching for a space that focuses on your personal growth and the overall community of black women. You have explored multiple channels and various media outlets where black women have come together to share stories and experiences that sharply resonate with your own individual path

Our membership is the real deal! I mean you are continuously collecting real gems to take your business and career to the next level!

We’ve gathered some of the best instructors from their respective industries who can help guide and train you through their reputable class. We instruct courses from basic SEO fundamentals to how to breathing exercise sessions. You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to stand out, elevate, and pivot your life professionally and personally.

Classes cover a range of different categories: career, finance, entrepreneurship, health+wellness (breathing and meditation classes), and skin+beauty. Classes are instructed live-streamed and pre-recorded video for our members, live Q&A, and guided worksheets (if applicable to the class) so that you can learn at your own pace.

What’s so special about this digital membership?
  • Immediate access to ALL of the Melanation’s virtual live-streamed and recorded classes along with guided worksheets (if applicable)
  • Exclusive virtual sessions with commendable industry leaders who will get you to the level of career advancement and business growth
  • New annual membership sign-ups will get a cool freebie sent via mail
  • Networking opportunities with other women through our Slack channel and a glide-path for building relationships within our community
  • Valuable discounts to our apparel lines and stationery collection
  • First access to exclusive giveaways partnered with our women-owned businesses
  • Boosted confidence in yourself to level up in your business or career
  • Network and gain authentic relationships with other women of color who are in industries you want to learn and seek guidance from
  • Plus, other good perks that we would love to share with our members!
How much does this digital membership cost?

Our one-year digital membership is $75 or $9 monthly. Right now, you can register to be placed on our waitlist and we will provide updates on the specific dates as to when we will officially begin our membership services.

How do I get on the waitlist?

Sign up on our membership page. We will email you once we officially launch our membership services and can purchase then.

Where can I watch the live-streamed classes?

All of our live-streamed events will be posted on Zoom or HopIn. We will email you the link and passcode to join. You will be able to post questions and comments on the feed IRL.

What if I miss a class or workshop?

No worries! You can still watch the recorded video once it’s posted on our site. Please, be mindful that the live-streamed event can be interactive and will have a Q&A component to the event, so to get the full experience, it’s best to attend live.

How will I be notified of the live-streamed events?

We will send out reminder emails of our upcoming events and post events on our membership page. We will also share our events on social media.

How do I join the private network channel? 

Once you subscribe and purchase a membership, we will email you the link to the Facebook group invite.  Coming soon, we will also have Clubhouse room! 

Can I email you for other questions or make class suggestions? 

Sure! For more FAQ, go to our membership page. You can also email us at info@melanation.org.

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