A Mother's Day Gift Guide That Costs Little to Nothing…

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“You look everything like your mother…”

As we enjoy the cozy, warm season of spring, we are faced with the same daunting task around this time each May: What would be the most perfect gift for the person who gave you life? That’s right, it’s the Mother’s Day holiday season, and that means it’s time to accept the yearly challenge of finding the perfect gift worthy of the most special woman in our lives. Of course, you can always fall back on the tried and true Starbucks gift card, or having a bouquet of expensive flowers delivered, that will probably expire less than a week. Face it, there are plenty of ways to show your mother how much you care without breaking the bank. We’ve been thinking outside the box to put together unique gift ideas that center on experiences that no mom could turn down. Check out our 15 special gift ideas that carry a little more weight and thoughtfulness for the woman whose happiness means the most.

Have a photo shoot with your mom. Doesn’t have to be professional but creating new memories with your mom make you appreciate each other even more.

Go workout together. Take a stroll at the park or take a free Zumba class at your fitness gym.

Take her to the local museum.

Write her a letter or make your own Mother’s Day gift card. I mean what’s better than a generic store-bought mother’s day card when your words speak better from the heart.

Plan or go on a spontaneous road trip to a place that you both been wanting to go. Load on the snacks, crank up the music, and find a destination where you both can take turns enjoying the scenery and just go with the flow on the road.

Marie Kondo her place. Organize her closet or clean out her home because every mom I know loves a clean house. Especially since she doesn’t have to do it.
Have a movie night. Put on some pajamas and just enjoy each other company watching your favorite movies.

Can’t go wrong with an at home spa day. Take turns doing each other manicures and pedicures. Face masks and hand massages at also a great way to relieve stress and turn your home into an elaborate wellness retreat.

Babysit your siblings if applicable. Nothing brings peace of mind to your mother than quiet and solitude.

Learn how to cook your mom’s favorite meal.

Take an online mixology class and get the drinks popping! Learn some basic cocktails and mixers that both of you can create and enjoy together.

Take your mom out for frozen yogurt…for free. TCBY offers free Froyo for Mom’s every year and why not enjoy spending quality with your mom over a delicious treat.

Uncork some wine and pull out some paint and brushes. Create masterpieces while sharing mother and daughter bonding.

Teach your mom how to use a social media app. Yea, I know it’s embarrassing to see your mom show all her business on Snap or Instagram but she will stay up to date and enjoy it knowing you helped her. Mrs. Tina Lawson loves telling her corny jokes on the ‘gram so why not let your mom get on the fun…

…And come up with some cool choreography and post a video on Tik Tok!

This article was originally posted on May 10, 2019. Some updates have been made. 
Featured photo: Michelle Obama

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