Here’s What You Missed at Our Beauty Digital Event…

Watch now our Making Your Own Rules – Beauty Digital Event! It was such a big success! Thanks to our speakers, Keyamma Garnes, Jaleesa Jaikaran, and Kim Roxie who all shared some great gems to get your foot in the door in the beauty industry. Please see below for session information and video:

Session 1 – Breaking Beauty (Rules): Keyamma Garnes, Executive Director Global Business Planning & Lab Series, Estee Lauder 

Transitioning into the corporate world after college or changing your career path can be quite intimidating yet exciting experience. It is important to understand that as a young professional entering into your new career, there are must-have habits to establish when striving for an opportunity in beauty or retail. This session will help you deep-dive and come to know your purpose (your why), effective resume tips that will get you noticed, personal branding, networking, and how to excel and climb the corporate ladder once you land your dream job! 

Session 2 – Mastering Beauty (Rules): Jaleesa Jaikaran, Makeup Artist & Beauty Business Coach 

In this session, you will learn how you can attract and gain meaningful relationships with major beauty brand companies in the content creation world while staying true to yourself.

Session 3 – Creating Beauty (Rules): Kim Roxie, CEO & Founder of LAMIK Beauty

Have a cool beauty product or idea that should be sold in the beauty aisles, but don’t know where or how to start? In the session, we will learn from a successful beauty expert/entrepreneur how to go from ideation and solving a huge beauty industry problem, building a bootstrapped business, securing business grants, investors, and partnerships to being in major retail stores all while being perfectly you! .

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