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“Women face a lot of challenges every day – we have to stand firm in our walk and our intentions…” – Solange 

There’s so much competition going on amongst and between women nowadays that we forget that there is more than enough out there for everyone. We let these so-called societal norms to narrate us. Social media portray us as uncaring, selfish, overly sexualized, catty, violent, back-stabbing, and basically scandalous. We resultantly scrutinize and compare one another based on superficialities: who has the best body, who’s getting married first, who has the biggest house, or who simply seems to be getting the most out of life. We are hardly portrayed as whole people: nurturers, caregivers, breadwinners, leaders, or just strong human beings in our own right.
We seldom talk seriously with one another about the challenges of being a woman in the workplace, dealing with our significant others, or facing financial issues. We allow our pride to construct these external shells that take over and we forget to be vulnerable or emotional in dark moments of our lives. We strive for this inexistent perfection that seems to drive us further from ourselves and one another. Women should come together and strive for greatness as a whole. If we dare to let it, the unbreakable bond of sisterhood can help us become stronger, more powerful, and ultimately unstoppable. Let’s make sisterhood great again.

Let’s Talk to One Another

Sometimes, we let our pride and our hardness overshadow and find what’s really going on in our lives. We put up walls and get in defense mode, and make it through the day, only to come home to our beds and rehash and ruminate over the things that are troubling us until we find sleep. This survival mentality alone through hardship, will not make things better; we need to be able to run to our girls for advice or to have someone to lean on. We don’t have to be alone. I talk to my friends and commit myself to be there for them physically, emotionally, and spiritually whenever they need me.
I remember as I was growing up, I always saw my grandmother and great-aunts talking to one another about things. They’d cook together, sing together, and pray together. It was this sense of sister bonding and social gathering that no one could come between or take away. With that said, let’s pick up the phone, call our friends, or visit each other over brunch. Let’s go beyond group text messages and pressing the heart icon on Instagram. The sense of engagement, our willingness to show genuine concern and share affirmation is what makes our lives better even we’re dealing with so much shit. Share some wine, talk through some shit, and binge watch episodes of Being Mary Jane while eating ice cream. Or share some fun memories you had when it was just the girls together.
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Let’s Support Each Other

As much as I write about career advice and female entrepreneurs, I really want to offer support to the everyday woman. I want to support women who are simply grinding daily to make ends meet. We all have such desirable dreams to be successful entrepreneurs and self-made business women that we forget our own support system. We become so self-involved that we forget the people who want us to succeed that we spend so much of our time trying to impress unimportant people.
Sisters, we need to step out of our busy lives and make time to nurture our relationship with one another. Congratulate our winning moments with one another like that new job, new business venture, or new love relationship. Let’s empower and love fully with one another. We should want each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Share those accomplishments with other friends or acquaintances. Boldly shout out from our lungs and yell yaasss!! You did that!

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Let’s Stand Together

Women make 76 cents (67 cents for black women, 59 cents for Hispanic women) to every dollar of the average white male’s wages. Sexual violence or “rape culture” has become a social normality in the world of media and popular culture. We fall far short of gender equality but as we stand together and fight for equal opportunities for women, we will move forward, to a more prosperous and open society. It has become more common for women to be the head of household and main bread winners as well as holding more advanced degrees than men. As we inherit more previously held male-dominated roles, we will have the power to make positive changes in our society as women. Sisterhood is critical to ensure that women’s voices are heard and our femininity are embedded in legislation to promote gender equality.

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