What Molly Carter from 'Insecure' Can Teach Us About Personal Branding

I must admit. I’m a huge fan of the show ‘Insecure’. My favorite character on the show has to be Molly Carter, played by Yvonne Orji. She’s the smart, successful, funny yet single best friend all of us women can relate to or have. Her antics on the show brought to my attention about the importance of personal branding. Everyone needs a personal brand. That’s how we sell ourselves. Whether it’s during a job interview, promoting your business, or simply going on a date. It has a strong impact on your personal success. Below are some things that Ms. Carter teaches us about personal branding:

Building Relationships

Molly understands the importance of building relationships at her job and with her personal life. She practically gets along with everybody and always has Issa’s back. As an entrepreneur or business professional you have to rely constantly on your network – for business advice, personal support and encouragement, and more. Maintaining quality relationships (not quantity) is essential to personal success.

Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Sure, Molly is a successful corporate lawyer who works really hard in her career; yet, she does have a weakness — being happy! She has unrealistic expectations of finding the perfect guy but there is no such thing! Working in corporate America or building your own business, you have to be conscious of not only your strengths but your weaknesses. Use your weakness as a learning guide to be better. And no, a broken p**** is not a weakness.

Being Consistent

Back to Molly dating life, she seems very inconsistent in men. It seemed “Rent-A-Boo” Jared was a great guy for Molly but she could not overlook his flaws and his “bi-curious” past. Things got hot-and-cold-and-hot-and-cold until the point Jared had enough and I don’t blame him. Once you build the basic foundation of your personal brand, make sure to stick with it. Not only will inconsistency be confusing for everyone to follow, but also it will negatively impact the growth of your personal brand.

Most Importantly, Being Yourself

Yes, I get it. It’s hard for us women of color or any minority, in general, to be ourselves around our white colleagues. We call it “code-switching”. [1] We want others to feel “comfortable” by assimilating to what’s acceptable or appropriate. But if you can’t be yourself, you’re not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting your personal brand. Molly takes pride of being part of the “in-crowd” instead of standing out at her job. The most successful people are real people who live their truth regardless how people perceived them. Think about it. If people are so comfortable to talk about their golf tournament trip around you, you should be able to talk about your lit night at Trap Karaoke. Your name is Chantal, not Shantel. Your ideas and contribution in the workplace do matter.
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