6 Ways To Impress Your Boss and Still Slay Your Career

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In corporate America, you’re going to have a boss; there’s no way around it. You may have more than one…sigh…but great news! Usually, bosses value the same characteristics in their employees at almost every company. And, you can also learn things on the job as to how to become a better employee or a potential boss lady yourself. Here are some nice tips to impress your boss while slaying your career along the way.

Take Initiative, Be an Asset

Your boss is likely faced with so many responsibilities and business decisions daily that they are literally overwhelmed whether they are willing to admit it or not. As such, you don’t want to add to their daily burden. If there is a nagging issue that they seem to be postponing or procrastinating around, offer to work it for them. Develop some alternatives for your boss to consider or let it become your own personal priority to complete.

Some matters also may have slipped through the cracks or gone unnoticed by your boss and are at risk of becoming a major problem. Take the initiative and be proactive in approaching issues that you can help resolve. I’m pretty sure your boss will appreciate your efforts to catch or run down certain problems that he or she have unintentionally overlooked. Plus, you will be more confident to take leadership in other roles or projects.

Network with Other Employers

This will demonstrate your skills at team building as well as enhance your team working skills. You have the opportunity to make a great impression by confidently holding meaningful conversations and engaging with your manager but equally well with other leaders within the organization. You can introduce yourself and communicate with anyone in the room. It’s also a great career move when it comes to interviewing for a promotion or negotiating for a raise.

Complement Your Boss’s Weakness

In case you have not noticed, not all bosses are superheroes or geniuses. They do have weaknesses. It’s always a good idea to not only understand your bosses’ weaknesses but to be able to compensate for them through your own skills. You want to demonstrate qualities that your boss recognize as valuable to him or her and to the company. So, learn a new skill if you have to and use it to expand your strengths in the workplace.

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Keep Your Boss in the Loop

This is one of the biggest weakness for problem solvers, holding issues far away from your boss and failing to inform your boss of the troublesome issues. There are times when you may encounter an unsolvable problem that takes up all of your time and creative energy.

Again, your boss has tons of responsibilities on his or her plate and may require you working independently and thinking on your own two feet. However, you must have the integrity to honestly share bad news with your boss. When such a problem is encountered, it’s best to share the matter early before the situation gets out of hand or even worse. Your boss can’t save you if they don’t know the issue at hand.

Ask for Feedback

Receiving feedback reveals your curiosity as well as provides insight on things you excel at and things you struggle with. Showing your boss that you care to improve and value their input goes a long way in building trust and establishing rapport. Seeking feedback is equivalent to seeking help to understand where and how to improve your job performance. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Take On a New Opportunity or Career Change

Some things may not work out at your job or with your manager. Sometimes it is the right move to go in a different direction with your career. Sometimes people feel that a move to a new opportunity may somehow let their boss or company down, but it’s about YOU.

You want to pursue your career goals and even if that means letting go of the past and moving in a different direction that better fits your career aspirations. You have to go with your gut and put your best foot forward. Being able to discuss and explain your career changes and objectives in seeking a better opportunity to your boss should be seen as reflecting your drive and determination to be the successful career woman that you are. They should see your maturity and thoughtfulness, in managing slaying your career. That’s impressive to any well-meaning boss!


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