If You’re In Atlanta, You Gotta Check Out This ‘Fabulous’ Airbnb Home!

Recently, through a Twitter link, I was directed to a beautiful decorated home and was amazed by the brilliant pop of color, and nostalgic remembrance of growing up in the 2000s and wishing my room looked like this as a teenager. Listening to Nicki Minaj ‘Pink Friday’ album playing in the background, I found myself reflectively vibing to the amazing colors and décor of each room. I was just about to comment on their profile, when I realized that the property and all of its beautiful features were available to anyone for rent! And it was called the Fabulous Factory — a content home that brings a whole new level of everyday Airbnb accommodations!

While the space is exquisitely decorated, to satisfy the taste of any young woman, this dream home, created by Ms. London King, is literally magical, providing a glamorous environment that allows influencers, creatives, business women, or anyone interested in burnishing their brand or make an Instagrammable, gone-viral statement!

Each room is filled with rich colors that draw your attention to every aspect of the space design and décor. I was so intrigued that I had to know more about why and how Ms. King came up with such an ingenious array of color, style, and decorative ideas to offer for reservation in Atlanta…

Melanation: Tell us about yourself. What was the foundation of your passion for creating a “content house”?

LA: My name is London King and my stage name is London Arde’ (R-DAY), originally from Saint Louis, MO and I moved to Atlanta, GA in September of 2013. I’m the owner of the Fabulous Factory and Mimosas and Business. I am married to my super handsome husband who is very supportive of me. (LOL, yes I had to add handsome. Okkkk!

I’m a Business Development and Branding Coach, Author, Airbnb Owner, and Podcast Host. I was originally a licensed cosmetologist and I worked on a few sets for Bravo, A&E, and other platforms doing hair and make-up. I lost my passion for it and enrolled into business school at Strayer University in 2016 and began my career in property management as a Leasing Consultant later being promoted to Assistant Property Manager with a different company.

I have always been extremely passionate about teaching women how to start and grow their business and build confidence to live in their light . I motivate people well and know how to speak life into people to help them pursue their dreams and that’s when I knew I had to serve this audience of women who are beyond talented, but need that extra truthful push without judgement to pursue their business.

I have tried everything in business to see if I would like it over the years, and helping women entrepreneurs is where I found a true passion. This is where I was needed and who I wanted to serve. I’ve been a young boss since I can remember selling candy and anything you can think of at school.
My business “Mimosas and Business” provides the educational factor to what I do as a Business Development and Brand Coach by providing tools such as books, e-books, free educational content, business one on ones and business podcast episodes.

The Fabulous Factory was created to help brands build their reputation through content and provide them a creative outlet to show up for their audience and showcase their talents. In addition, other women would be able to experience it as well and make memories from birthday celebrations, girls trips and other events. In conclusion, it is the perfect set-up for recording my podcast episodes and creating content of my own without renting out other spaces to save money.

MN: How did this idea come about? Who helped you bring this idea to life?

LA: This idea came from all of my collections on Pinterest from years ago. I have always been inspired by the women and shops in London and their content is A1, which motivated me years ago to bring this to life. Pink is also a brand color in both of my businesses, “Mimosas and Business” and the “Fabulous Factory”.

This wasn’t something I just woke up and decided to do. I originally wanted a Business Development Center and still do, but decided going hard with my Airbnb would be better at the time. I was going to put all of these concepts in a commercial space, but once I decided to fully go hard with Airbnb I held off on the commercial space because of the pandemic and I got started with a venture I’ve been wanting to pursue for years with low overhead cost.

I’ve always been extremely creative and this was nothing short of expected from me. It’s crazy because these concepts and ideas have been around for over 12 years, but when I first came out with mine I had a known entrepreneur and influencer claim that all of these ideas came from her.

The game is viscous and people will flatter themselves based on ego and untrue events. I encourage anyone wanting to do this and create themed Airbnbs to do it! Don’t worry about what other people think because it’s millions of people to serve and loads of money we can all share. I’m excited to teach students in the future exactly how I created mine.

MN: Talk about the individual rooms.

LA: My favorite room in the entire house is the ‘Garden of Dreams” room because it has a story behind each of the pictures in the frame. My granddad loved Lena Horne and I believe that women around that time were very unique, creative, and beautiful. We still are and instead of putting up Marilyn Monroe, I wanted to pay homage to a legend. This room also features two full sized beds, green walls, and an amazing grass wall. It’s a very vintage and nature vibe even in the bathrooms.

The “Pink Forever” bedroom features a king size bed and it’s fully pink including the bed. This room is perfect for a bday girl or anyone wanting to create content especially for Valentines Day, their brand, or even breast cancer awareness. It’s very comfortable and chic and features a fur pink lamp that I lucked up on browsing the city.

The ALL PINK KITCHEN! The Kitchen features ample amenities including, a microwave, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, Ninja Blender, Air Fryer, crockpot, wine glasses, dishware, coffee bar, snack bar and so much more. It’s the perfect kitchen set up and it includes a middle island with pink and gold bar stools. Last but not least, it has PINK CABINETS. Yes, pink cabinets and my husband did an amazing job wrapping the cabinets as I always imagined.

The living room includes a 50 inch Roku Tv for guests to browse their favorite streaming websites. It features plenty of free shows and movies for anyone wanting to plan a movie night or simply hang out with friends. The large pink sectional is perfect for girls’ night and meetings because it has so much space. Inside of the Fabulous Factory you will also notice the high end chandeliers and curtains which gives the room a fun and elegant feel. We also have a balcony with pink chairs for anyone wanting to get some fresh air.

MN: How did you go about funding your business?

LA: I quit my job in Property Management as an Assistant Property Manager on July 17th, 2020. Now I was getting paid very well, but it wasn’t enough to truly take off. I had already had a good start from saving my commission checks that I received during the top of the year and I took advantage of the grant opportunities and loans from the pandemic to help small businesses and my life was forever changed.

The way I invested and managed my money was based on very smart decisions and I am glad I had the financial literacy to invest and set myself up for future success.

MN: What makes your content home different from other Airbnbs? What expected results are you hoping your guests will experience? I see that you offer special services for special events!

LA: Our content home is different from other Airbnbs because we provide a full high end experience they will not get anywhere else. This experience includes top of the line customer service, gifts upon arrival, attention to detail, cleanliness on a level 100, and the energy and themes inside of the Fabulous Factory. It’s not your normal place to come and sleep and be bored.

It’s one of a kind and matches my personality and brand. Our love is engraved throughout the whole place and it was created with passion.

Here at the Fabulous Factory the expected results I hope to get in return is to see people truly having fun and interacting again with their loved ones. I want to see people use the backgrounds and props to turn up their brand, girls night, or other activities that are planned. I truly want it to feel like a dream come true!
Yes, we give gifts to everyone who comes to celebrate their birthday. We will also have gifts for graduations, anniversaries, breast cancer, and many more depending on what they are celebrating. The Fabulous Factory is all about the customer and making them feel special and appreciated.

MN: Some challenges are obvious and in your face, can you tell us about the greatest counter-intuitive challenge you’ve faced in this initiative and your most successful strategy in overcoming it?

LA: The greatest counter-intuitive challenge that I faced during this initiative was overcoming procrastination and being overwhelmed. My husband and I did the entire place by ourselves and I am also running a second business “Mimosas and Business”, where I’m a Business Development Coach, Podcast Host, and Author. So you can only imagine how busy I was, between recording new episodes, one to one calls, and still producing content, amongst traveling and many other things.

I overcame it by knowing I was losing money from paying the rent without occupancy and I needed to set everything to the side for a moment to catch up and we finally got it complete. If anyone wants to start an Airbnb business, you should have your listing up in no later than 10 days max from the day you received the keys.

MN: Who do you listen to get you moving and stay focused?

LA: Omg! This is such an amazing question because I get moving and focused from so many sources and I finally get to share them. A few of my favorite people to listen to includes: Issa Rae, Joel Osteen, Tyler Perry, Bob Proctor, and Will Smith. Issa Rae is such a huge inspiration and I love how she used what she had to create the life she’s living now! She is raw, consistent, and talented and her persistence reminds me of mine. It keeps me motivated to know that my dreams are manifesting daily and if she can do it, I can do it.

Overall, listening to myself is more joyful than anything because I’ve learned the need of staying focused and keeping myself accountable. That includes listening to my soul’s desires to know that I am special and destined for greatness and I need to live in that, because if I don’t I am doing the world a disservice in not serving my people.

MN: Describe your business in 3 words.

LA: Fun, inspirational, and educational if we are talking about Mimosas and Business. Luxury, dynamic, and unmatched if we are talking about the Fabulous Factory. I’ve taken short term luxury rentals to the next level.

To know more about Fabulous Factory and booking a stay, please visit website.


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