Heartbroken: Iconic Black Hollywood Couples Breakup

There’s been a lot to process with recent news of Black Hollywood breakups. For those hoping to find Black love, watching the love stories of their favorite couples unwind has been satisfying, hopeful, and disappointing. “The distance took a toll on the relationship,” “they still remain as friends,” and “the two have released a statement” have become the most famous phrases to describe the most surprising breakups of 2022. Couples who seemed to have it all together are breaking up and disrupting what it means to have “couple goals.”

Let’s take a look back on the couples we’ve admired and learned from as we wish them well in their future love conquests. Here are the most recent and surprising Black Hollywood breakups.

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin

Duration together: Nine years

This couple seemed to have been a match created by angels, literally. Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin encouraged others who might not have been virgins to become “born again” and wait until marriage with their partner. Good shared that she manifested Devon Franklin as her husband before they even met and heard from God that he was the one. Once together, fans were in awe when Devon proved if you have something bad to say about Meagan, you say it to him when he defended his wife against a shameful commentator during their book tour. Their breakup came as a shock to many but was stamped as official when they shared the same photo and caption on their respective Instagram accounts. The photo shows them sitting on a lawn with their backs facing the camera and their location as “Forever Love.” Whatever the cause of the breakup, fans will likely never know, as this private couple’s foundation and image remains created by and between God.

Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny 

Duration together: Four years

Fans first really fell in love with Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny after their 2019 We The Urban cover. The couple – drenched in melanin – always voiced their view of their relationship and what it stood for, “It is so important for our people to see healthy Black love. Whether it’s a relationship, marriage or even friendships,” he said. “Black love gives us hope. When you see Black love flourish, it’s powerful.” The union between the two revolutionized young Black love and their style together was unparallel. The two fell in love naturally, and let it run its course as they vow to remain friends.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

Duration together: Seventeen years

The most spiritual couple ends it after seventeen years together and five years of marriage. A source close to Lisa Bonet says she and Jason Momoa “were amazing for years until they no longer were.” The two share two kids together son Nakoa-Wolf, 13, and daughter Lola, 14. The age difference stands at twelve years so these two are truly going on different paths now.

While we are sad to see these relationships go, we’re excited to see how their new ones flourish.


Featured photo: Meagan Good/Devon Franklin

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