Great Gifts to Give Your Girlfriends Adjusting to the Stay-At-Home Life

As we can never confidently predict the future, these unprecedented times add a whole new layer of complexity and uncertainty as many of us continue to practice self-isolation, quarantining at home, and social distancing. As such times as these can test the strongest relationships, it’s quite understandable to find that our BFFs are likely going through some things, feeling a bit overwhelmed, depressed, and essentially lonely, abandoning the most basic friendship engagement and nurturing behaviors.

While there are modern technological workarounds like Zoom, House Party, Google Meet, and other such video chat apps, they hardly compensates, much less do they provide a reasonable comparison to actual face-to-face interaction, Given the myriad of health challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, compounded by the social societal battle of systematic racism, it’s that much more important to reach out to our loved ones and especially to our girlfriends. Black women are notoriously strong, but they shouldn’t have to prove it in these troubled times where sensibilities are running high. As never before, now is a time when girlfriends should have one another’s backs, regardless of what they’re going through. Fortunately, we can find hope in the small things, appealing to sentimentalities with a thoughtful gift that lets our girlfriends know that we care. Here are a couple of thoughts or suggestions that as simple gestures of kindness speak volumes, and screams “I Got You Sis!”

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House Slippers – Halluci Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece House Slippers 23.99
I actually own a pair of these and they look and feel amazing around the house. A great present for all your girlfriends who need a bit more comfortability on their feet. A great shoe for lounging around or a quick robed walk to the mailbox…

Laptop Stand –Nulaxy Laptop Stand $30.99
With so many companies now allowing their employees to work remotely, many are just getting accustom to working in a home environment. Many employees don’t pay proper attention to ergonomics (posture) nor do they have proper support equipment to work long hours at home, so the gift of a laptop stand can make it a bit more comfortable and easier for your BFF to work from home.

Detangle Brush – BESTOOL Detangle Brush for Black Natural Hair $11.88
Hair shops are slowly re-opening but hair maintenance never stops.  Sometimes having natural hair can be a job in itself. This detangle brush will definitely have her hair manageable and offer much less stress when it comes to her tresses.

Hair Care – Flawless by Gabrielle Union – Prices Under $10
Ms. Gabrielle Union had launched her affordable hair care line for natural hair last month. And now, it’s available on Amazon and you can have healthy hair just like the starlet. This ‘Flawless’ line includes oil treatment, detangling leave-in conditioner, deep conditioning masque, and more. Another great affordable gift to give and have your BFF loving her hair while adjusting staying at home.

Food Delivery- UberEats Prices Vary
Food delivery is one of the safest ways to provide your best friend the comfort food they are missing as they try their best to avoid exposure to the pandemic. The smell and taste of familiar favorites are quite evocative, known to bring one to tears in drawing forth fond memories of the pre-COVID days. A moment of familiar taste and smells will offer a beacon of normalcy to these stress-filled times, and being able to send her some grub is not only kind and thoughtful, she will be fed!

Skincare Products – The Ordinary Peeling Solution and Hyaluronic Face Serum $16.99
Why not promote a little self-love and have your BFF show love to her skin?! The Ordinary skincare line is absolutely amazing and will have your BFF in love with her skin’s texture and appearance while giving herself a bit of extra confidence in the safety of her home.

Nail Kit – Beetles Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit $59.99
Our nails are definitely going through it with this pandemic and we can hardly wait to hit the shop. But until then, we can actually have ourselves a girls’ night and do each other’s nails for fun! This is a great  way to spend time together and catch up on what’s been happening in our lives, whether good, bad, or butt ugly!

Coffee Maker – Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker $69.99
Just because you’re working from home or spending more time a la casa, doesn’t mean your morning routine has to suffer a change. Coffee is essential and what better way you can show your coffee-addicted BFF that you care with a stylish coffee maker. A much more safe alternative than making a quick short stop to Starbucks and risking exposure to COVID-19.

Novel – White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism $9.60
While Netflix can provide a valuable go-to bridge to normalcy, there remains the option to get lost in a good book while at home. Get inspired and recharged your psyche with words that can help you escape and get your mind right and open to understanding what we face and how to overcome it. Learn about the scourge of systemic racism, white feminismblack poetry, or absorb the spirit of a  good romance novel. Let your BFF dive in another reality that doesn’t involved being stuck at home.

Gift Cards – Amazon $25.00 – $100
Everyone loves Amazon right?! You can get practically anything you need from their online e-commerce offerings. Staying at home means more shopping…I mean more surfing *wink* on the internet while some brick and mortar stores are still closed or shut down due to the pandemic. I don’t know about y’all but I’ll take an Amazon gift card any day! Maybe I’ll buy all the things listed above hmmm…

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