Get this Schmoney: Side Hustles For Millennials

As one great rapper/reality TV star say, “I’m Making Schmoney!” As the job market continues to put Millennials through major hell with their ridiculous job politics and seniority, and bills ain’t going nowhere, there’s still plenty of money-making opportunities outside of your full-time. Earning extra money can lower student loan debt, increase savings, or just improve your overall finances. It doesn’t have to be exotic dancing, though it can be convincing sometimes. (Nothing wrong with that source of income. This post is just for people who prefer a different route). These are some creative side hustles that can potentially earn you some money in your spare time while having a regular full-time job.


If you’re not a home all the time or have an extra room to spare, why not rent it out to people who want to visit your town. You can lower your housing expenses with this side hustle and be able to do a bit traveling on your own as well.


Blogging is an excellent side hustle for Millennials, especially if you have a large social media following and can bring some real value to your readers. You don’t have to be tech-savvy either! Get a free web-hosting domain, start building your website and write whatever is on your mind. You have the luxury to post things about fashion, travel, or lifestyle. I know some bloggers myself that make up to six-figures (I wish… but a goal someday!). From sponsored ads to affiliate marketing, you can make some serious passive income just by posting products or services you personally like onto your website. To help you get started with some affiliate marketing, sign-up with Shareasale. Registering through Sharesale, you can post ads on your blog from popular brands such as Wayfair or Sally Beauty. At no cost of course!

Brand Ambassadorships

I’ve been doing brand ambassador jobs for over three years and it’s a super easy way to make some serious cash on the side. I’m talking $15-$30 per hour just by assisting big companies through a third-party agency to endorse some new product or service. You can work for big brands such as Target, Microsoft, or Beats by Dre. The best part is you’re not selling anything; you’re only giving out complimentary promotional items! Some companies may offer full-time promotional tours where you make at least $1000 a week while traveling around the country. You might also grab some free swag including free makeup and hair products, cool electronics, fantastic coupons, and possible leftover food if the agency director is okay with it. You can apply for brand ambassador jobs through Facebook or Craigslist.


Sign up for Uber or Lyft ($250 sign-up bonus) driving services to drive local people around your city. You can set your own schedule and make however much money your heart wishes. However, please be aware that driving all day can wear and tear your car and apparently all drivers are responsible for their own car expenses. Also, get ready to deal with some quite interesting people…a few drunk people here and there. But have fun! You never know who may be your passenger.


If you’re an expert with developing websites, graphic or logo designing, bookkeeping (like me) or online marketing, you hit the jackpot. Like seriously, when I was doing accounting and data entry work for people who don’t have the time to hire internally or do it on their own, I was making about $800-$1000 a month. Sign up on freelancing websites such as Upwork or Fiverr. Continue to build up your side-hustle portfolio and turn it into a full-blown business. You can also set your own charge rate.


I’ve just recently heard about house sitting but it’s an awesome way to be out of the city and make money just by living somewhere else momentarily and watching over a family pet. Oh, and no rent fee! So basically, you can travel and make money in someone else’s home at the same time. Sound too good to be true if you ask me! TrustedHousitters is a great website to house-sit locally or internationally.


The demand for professional photography services has been on the rise since the advancements of marketing via social media. Having a photography side business could be a great way to make a side income if you the eye for it. To start your side hustle, you may want to start doing free photo shoots, working with people you already know and getting more experience with digital editing. Once you build your business portfolio, you can start branching out to weddings, fashion, real estate, or family photography.


Similar to blogging, if you have an act for speaking to your followers and like to get your message across with audio, then podcasting is a great side business. You can monetize with referral sponsorships or pitch a new product or service to your listeners.

Sell Items on Amazon or eBay

Have you checked your closet or storage room lately? Have some cool, timeless stuff that’s just collecting dust? Why not make money off of it? All you have to do is create an account, post your items, and let the cash roll in. Just make sure you actually ship the goods to the buyer okay.

Sell Items at Thrift Stores

Hey, if you’re stuck in the stones ages and don’t like or know how to sell items online, there’s local brick and mortar thrift shops that you can sell some of your clothes and other novelty items. Stores like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet are great local shops that are looking for unique clothing or accessory items. So if you’re a hoarder like me, let it go, and sell sell sell!

Teach Online

Teaching online is a great way to educate someone on a particular subject that you’re passionate about without having to be in a physical classroom. With websites like Udemy, you can start teaching students online right away. It allows you to choose your own course topic, whether it’s instructing a new language, digital photography, or a yoga class. You can structure the outline of your course and set your own price from $0-200. So set up your equipment and get the camera ready!

Tour Guide

If you love your city as much as we love ours, why not share the experience with new city visitors? Try Toursbylocal to become a tour insider and host unique, personalized tours with eager travelers. You may just build some new friendships as you guys explore the city. So get on those Segways and see some hidden city gems!

YouTube or Instagram Influencer

So, if you have a bomb personality and love to be in front of the camera, you should definitely be a vlogger or an online personality. I mean Millennials are making crazy dough just by talking about beauty products or electronics on social media and getting paid for it. I’m talking five to six-figure deals with major brands just by creating compelling video content or posting cool selfies and gaining followers along the way, you can reap in a some substantial income!

Any other side hustles that we missed? Please be sure to comment in the inbox below.

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