*Gasp* This Class Was So Fire, We’re Sharing it For Free! But Only For a Limited Time….

While our membership program is still under construction because we want to make it the best membership program EVER! We decided to post one of our classes for free on our website! This class is especially important because finances and building wealth is definitely essential and needed in today’s community, in particular, for black women, who face many challenges as we become more financially independent and money managers in our own household. And what great to build financial confidence? We provided a “Secure the Bag” finance course! Last week, our class instructor for the month was Rashedia Mayhane, Owner & CEO of GREENCHIPS. Her class is filled with great gems!

For over a decade of experience, Rashedia Mayhane is a skilled financial planner.  She has held key leadership roles for some of the world’s largest for-profit and nonprofit organizations, such as Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, and Operation Hope.

Knowing that the number one cause of stress in America is money and that women suffer from this issue more than any other group, she knew she had to be a part of the solution. So, she founded the fintech startup GREENCHIPS to help women create healthier habits, clearer goals, and tools that bring balance, confidence, and power to their relationship with money.

Leveraging her professional and personal experiences of overcoming financial obstacles, building a successful career and thriving as an entrepreneur, she is now on a mission to inspire others to go after their wildest dreams.

In this class, you’re learn:

  1. Intro and Abundance Mindset
  2. Understanding Your Money Story
  3. Creating Financial Plans & Goals
  4. Budgeting
  5. Debt Management
  6. Maintaining Good Credit
  7. Bonus – Career v. Job and Having Multiple Streams of Income

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