Find Your Inner Balance with the Gemini New Moon!

As the year continues on, astrologically we are being pushed further away from our comfort zones! May is a month that asks for our curiosity and wonder about the world we live in. The Gemini New Moon happens on May 30th, questioning everything and pushing us to think outside of the box! This mutable air sign is represented by the twins, the symbol of two truths coexisting as one and the ability to see beyond limitations. Some of our most creative and innovative thinkers are Geminis! Think of the gender bending legend Prince, or the truth telling lyrics of King Kendrick Lamar! Gemini understands that not everything is what it seems. There’s always more to the story, being able to see all facets of our lives is a true superpower!

May is a lucky month spiritually and astrologically! It is connected to the number 5 and the planet, Jupiter. Numerologically, 5 is the number of independence, self confidence, and curiosity. Jupiter is our planet of good luck, fortune, and expansion. We are being pushed to allow ourselves to expand into the unknown with confidence! Now is a great time to sign up for that class you’ve had your eye on, or take a risk with a style upgrade. Geminis are not afraid to make mistakes, they love boldly reinventing themselves when the time calls!

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, social circles, and technology. This month, the power lies within your network! Expand your social circle, connect with those who challenge you to think bigger and grander. Gemini is a mutable sign, it is flexible to others and their points of view. Don’t be set in your ways when it comes to new ideas! Bounce your creativity off of others, and watch it take on a beautiful new life you did not expect. Remember that at any point of your journey, you can redefine who you are! You are allowed to change your mind if you have some beliefs that feel outdated for you. It’s not a sign of indecision when choosing something different, but an opportunity for realignment and growth. Stretch your mind by challenging yourself to new information and ideas through forms of communication. A new podcast, book, or YouTube recommendation can be just what you need to get inspired! 

With the Gemini new moon, anything is possible! Remaining open to what is revealed and how things want to come into fruition is key. How can you challenge yourself to change perspectives on existing issues? Maybe the complications you are experiencing aren’t here to discourage you, but to ask you to rise to the occasion! Believe that you can overcome anything in front of you with the power of flexibility. You are a master manifestor and a co-creator with the universe. You have the ability to bring anything you want into existence!\

Here are some tips on how to use this Gemini New Moon’s energy:

  • Connect to your network and your friends! Gemini is a social air sign who can chat about anything and everything. Create relationships by using conversation and technology. You can form powerful dynamics even in virtual spaces. Embrace a social energy to call in the support you deserve!
  • Journal your intentions! Gemini is a sign of communication, words are powerful tools for creation. During the new moon, write out your dreams, manifestations, and goals. Be specific about what you’re calling in, and focus on the energy that you want to experience. Once you have set your intentions, be open to the opportunities that come to you!
  • Try something new! Maybe you’ve been wanting to expand your palette through a new recipe. Perhaps it’s time for a wardrobe upgrade or new hairstyle. Be willing to take a risk and experiment in a bold way, you’ll be excited to push yourself out of your comfort zone!



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Ellen Bowles is a creative, healer, and writer from Los Angeles, CA. Ellen is the co-author of ASTROLOGY SOS: An Astrological Survival Guide to Life, published by Hardie Grant UK and Chronicle Books. She has been featured in publications such as Well+Good, Bustle, PopSugar, and InStyle.

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