February’s Full Moon in Leo Will Activate Your Lion’s Roar!

After a powerfully emotional and introspective winter season, on February 16th we can embrace the fiery energy of a Leo Full Moon! The Leo full moon gives us the jump start we may have been needing since the beginning of 2022. During the winter season, we slow down, turn within, and hear the call of the deep cold. But this Leo Full Moon can help us shed what’s been holding us back from following our passions and activating our inner flame. With this full moon, we can feel called to walk with confidence and be unapologetic about who we are and what we desire. Although Leo is a fire sign, it’s a highly sensitive placement that operates from an open heart space. It’s important to listen to what you want above the concern’s or projections from others. Time to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, allow yourself to be seen fully for the star and talent that you are!

Leo is connected to the Sun, our creative and romance sector, and inner child! Represented by the lion, Leo boldly rules over its kingdom with both grace and ferocity. With this full moon, it’s time to take center stage and step up to the plate! Leadership is needed more than ever during these unpredictable times. If you feel called to grab life by the reins, do so! It’s time to release any insecurities or doubts that may have held you back from being your most confident self.

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Leo understands that the best way to rule a kingdom is with integrity and compassion. Open your heart up to others and allow yourself to pour your love into those you hold close. This full moon reminds us it’s always for the best when we are giving and receiving from a genuine place. It’s ok to demand more of what you want during this full moon transit! Nothing is “too much” or “too extra” when it comes to this fire moon. Pour your energy into your creations with devotion, and watch the doubts begin to fade away! You are the main character of your own life. Don’t diminish your light in order to make others feel comfortable!

Here are some ways to activate your true diva this Leo Full Moon:

  • Return to a creative project you love! Maybe you stopped working towards a goal because of your schedule, or maybe you lost momentum. With this fire energy, it can be the perfect time to re spark an old idea you put on the back burner. Divine timing is always on your side, it’s never too late!
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say! Leo takes up space unapologetically. Do not shy away from being your biggest and loudest self! Say what’s on your heart without fear, and command your stage. You won’t regret standing in your power and light! There’s always a way to communicate your demands with compassion. 
  • Upgrade your wardrobe! Leos are known to be one of the greatest fashionistas of the zodiac. Now is the time to review your closet and shed away anything that no longer represents who you are presently. Don’t be scared to switch it up on people or be bold in your style choices! Eyes on you doesn’t mean you are selfish, it means you have a powerful presence. 


Featured photo: Meagan Good/Disney

Ellen Bowles is a creative, healer, and writer from Los Angeles, CA. Ellen is the co-author of ASTROLOGY SOS: An Astrological Survival Guide to Life, published by Hardie Grant UK and Chronicle Books. She has been featured in publications such as Well+Good, Bustle, PopSugar, and InStyle.

Instagram: @ellensbowles

Website: www.ellenbowles.com

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