Be Prepared to Face the Shadow with May’s Scorpio Full Moon

This month’s Full moon is power packed with intense energy! Full Moons are already emotional time periods for us all. Scorpio is all about the unseen, rebirth, and how our subconscious functions. There’s an intensity to this sign that can intimidate the faint of heart! But this energy can teach us that learning every aspect of ourselves is not a scary thing. Scorpio is not afraid to dive deep into the healing process, to uncover the uncomfortable truths. This fixed water sign knows how to alchemize its emotions. This Full Moon will occur on May 16th, and will help us with becoming more comfortable with ourselves fully and who we are transforming into!

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, our planet of shadow, mystery, and karma! Scorpios can see humanity in all of us. The good and the bad. This full moon will be especially potent because of the lunar eclipse energy happening! Lunar eclipses bring unconscious emotions to the surface. Everything that you’ve been suppressing will come to light! Be prepared to face the music, and embrace every feeling that arises, the good or the bad.

Scorpio wants the truth above all things! With this full moon, you can see yourself and others transparently. The sooner you accept yourself, the easier you will be able to navigate the challenges in front of you! Scorpio energy knows there’s beauty in death and rebirth. We are not meant to stay stagnant or stand still! Be open to who you are transforming into. Anything that comes up during this transit is meant to be faced and healed. There’s beauty in every peak and valley of the journey!

Here are some ways to connect to yourself and others during this Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

  • Connect to water! Scorpio is a deep feeling water energy. Take a bath, visit a natural body of water, or go for a swim! Connecting to the natural flow of water can help you embrace inner change. This can help you emotionally open up and be vulnerable with yourself!
  • Create a love letter to yourself! It’s hard when you’re constantly critiquing yourself or holding unreachable expectations. This can create very negative self talk and insecurities. Focus on what you consider to be your “undesirable traits”, and switch up the perspective through writing. Can you see the beauty in these less likable qualities? Where is this criticism coming from? This practice can help you with embracing yourself to the fullest.
  • Connect to your intuition and spirituality! Scorpio energy is naturally magical and deeply witchy. During this full moon, this magical energy can be heightened! Meditate, do ritual work, connect to nature, invest in your spiritual practice. You can be amazed at the downloads and messages that come through for you during this lunar phase!


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Ellen Bowles is a creative, healer, and writer from Los Angeles, CA. Ellen is the co-author of ASTROLOGY SOS: An Astrological Survival Guide to Life, published by Hardie Grant UK and Chronicle Books. She has been featured in publications such as Well+Good, Bustle, PopSugar, and InStyle.

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