What Every #BossLady Should Have in Her Handbag

As a boss lady, there are some essential things to have when you’re out and about doing your grown woman duties. And those so-called “things” need to be practically living in your purse; your handbag; your tote bag; that bag that you take to work and accidentally spill coffee on. Whether you’re working in the corporate world or following your entrepreneurial dreams, it’s important to be ready to take on anything that comes your way. Below are some listed items every boss lady should have to make her day go by smoothly. But remember to…Pack Light!! Sorry, I had to do it. Erykah is life.

Business Cards

Cause you run a business right? Plus it’s a great tool for networking and building relationships.

Breath Mints

That Mexican food you had for lunch or them Doritos you snacked on while creating your PowerPoint presentation is not a pleasing smell around your clients or colleagues. Gum is unprofessional so nope. Not an option. One word…Ahh.

Pen and a Journal

You just never know what fan may show up and ask for your autograph. Just kidding. Or not. But it’s essential to have a daily journal and pen to jot down notes, ideas, meeting minutes, or upcoming events.


I got wipes, tampons, brush, deodorant, perfume…you name it!!! Make sure these items are travel size in a nice compact bag.

Cash/Credit Cards

Keep it in a small, secure wallet. You should be fine.

Apps: Social Media, News, Emails, SMS

I mean obviously, our phone is the most attentive thing in our purse beside house/car keys. But what good is it if your phone is not providing you updates on current news, sending or receiving emails, snapchatting, or keeping up with some new celebrity scandal.

Phone Charger

Emails and phone calls run up your battery. This will solve that.


So I’m taking my friend Amanda’s advice and adding this to the list. Sun damage is real and we are not immune to it. Boss ladies, we got to stay flawless inside and out.

Makeup Bag

Not saying to bring your full makeup brush kit or your contour palette. Just enough to refresh your face after midday.


Walking down long hallways and attending meetings and client dinners, heels can put a lot of pressure and PAIN to your pretty little toes. Nice foldable flats are affordable and easy to pack.

Hand Sanitizer

I’m not a germaphobe but shaking hands with people, opening doors, walking up or downstairs using the handrail, or even pressing that elevator button….

Pepper Spray

I know this is a strange item to have in your purse but when you’re working long hours and the sun said his shift is over, as a female, it’s important to protect ourselves from any endangerment we may come across late at night. Just make sure it’s concealed somewhere so no one else can see it nor use it.

Featured image: @asiyami_gold

Please comment below and share some other things we #bossladies need to have in our purse. 

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