How to Use Crystal Healing for Your Self Care

They’ve been a trending item the last few years and with more people turning to holistic healing, natural crystals have become a staple to have in any spiritual or healing practice!

Crystals are natural formations mined from the Earth that offer healing properties that can assist the physical and energetic body! They come in a beautiful range of colors, sizes, and textures, allowing for diversity in all of their powerful properties. Crystals are ancient tools of healing, found in references of ancient holy texts and now used in everything from water bottles, to jewelry, to face rollers. Because they are so accessible, they can be found in many practices no matter what you feel called to! For a newbie, crystal healing can feel overwhelming because of its vastness. But the key is to let your intuition lead you in the process!

Here are some tips to get started on your crystal healing journey:

Be intentional with your crystals. 

With any spiritual tool or modality, the magic starts with you! Crystals are extensions of yourself and your own healing practice. You may want to ask yourself what is your intention with your healing and what are you trying to achieve? Not every crystal is used for the same purpose! Each one is connected to certain chakras within our bodies and energies we carry. Make sure to do your research so you have an idea of what crystal will work best for your purpose!

Treat your crystals like you would yourself!

Just like us, crystals need to recharge and cleanse. Crystals absorb the energy in our spaces and around us constantly. It’s important to clear the energy and release any stagnation your crystals may be carrying. Just like us, our crystals can suffer from burnout! You can put your crystals outside in direct moonlight on the night of the full moon to be cleared overnight. Another way to clear your crystals is to place them in a bowl of pink Himalayan salt, as salt is a natural neutralizer. If you have access to a coastline, take your crystals to the ocean and give them a quick rise in the waves. Make sure to check that your crystals are water soluble before using this method!

Let your intuition help you on your search for the right crystal

Sometimes you’ll have done all the research and still not resonate with the crystals you thought you would. Attempt to go to a crystal shop or browse online without using a reference. What crystals do you feel called to? Look up their properties. Maybe there’s a reason you feel drawn to those certain geodes. Follow your intuition’s guidance, sometimes the crystals we pick presently will be what we need in the future!


Ellen Bowles is a creative, healer, and writer from Los Angeles, CA. Ellen is the co-author of ASTROLOGY SOS: An Astrological Survival Guide to Life, published by Hardie Grant UK and Chronicle Books. She has been featured in publications such as Well+Good, Bustle, PopSugar, and InStyle.

Instagram: @ellensbowles


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