This Cosmetic Brand is Giving You RANGE Honey…

Beginning her career in the fashion industry in New York City, Brooklyn-based Alicia Scott was immediately discouraged with the lack of melanin-hued makeup for black models. Models of color had to bring their own makeup products to fashion shoots and runway shows because of the scarcity of products suitable for achieving their desired natural look. Alicia was not just concerned about what was missing in cosmetic selection at work, but as well, at home in her personal collection. After many trips to the drugstore only to return home empty-handed, or with products that cause skin irritation or break-outs, she knew that this was a recurring ongoing problem that needed to be addressed.

Hence, Alicia Scott launched her uniquely, ethnic cosmetic brand called RANGE Beauty, as an affordable, high-performance, clean beauty line for the forgotten shades, designed to appeal to a broad range of melanin-enriched skin tones.

“Once I realized the problem I wanted to solve, I began the research and development phase. During this time, I surveyed women of color around me and on social media about their main pain points with cosmetic brands. I began researching and “interviewing” manufacturers to make sure I found one that aligned with my vision. I spent around two years on this phase prior to launching for sale. I used the results I received from surveying other women of color to build out my shade line. I already had the idea of what shades and undertones I wanted to create and I became a kitchen chemist mixing and testing until I had the shades I wanted.”

Currently, her brand has 21 forgotten shades in True Intentions Hydrating Foundation. Each shade group has 3-4 undertones available. Six shades in BB Cream, one universal shade in Bronzing Primer, five shades in dual Eyeshadow/Highlighter Golden Hour, and one shade in Bali Body Glow.

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Thanks to the prominence and high profile of the fashion and beauty icon, Rihanna, her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty, which provides a line of shades for all skin tones, has attracted the attention of some of the big-name cosmetics companies who are now jumping on board, creating a broader selection of more inclusive products. But, are these other cosmetic companies really interested in providing different shade options for all women of color on their shelves or are they just chasing the trend? Only time will tell…

Scott partially blames the lack of product and shade diversity on the research and development side of the cosmetic industry; she feels that these big name, cosmetic giants are clueless when attempting to deliver in this area.

With this, Alicia Scott wanted to create a line that not only includes all shades for all women and men of color but to make it an affordable and clean that serves people who have hypersensitive skin. What’s so dope about Scott’s RANGE Beauty line, is the shade chart she created to help compare her shades to drugstore and other luxury cosmetic brands so the customer will know what shade of foundation matches their skin almost perfectly.

She now envisions a growing acceptance and sense of normalization in the industry to recognize the need for the different shades of beauty in our world.

“I’m a black woman and I will forever be that so what I’m creating is a permanent solution for other women who are constantly forgotten. Aside from the shades and undertones RANGE has, we are true, clean beauty while being affordable. We’re not watering down our pigments or using toxic fillers to profit off our customers. I care about what I use on my skin and I want others to know I care about their skin too.”

Since her product launch, her line has grown faster than she imagined and that presented one of the major challenges she faced as a small-business owner, with big retailers reaching out to have Ms. Scott place her products in their stores. Adjusting to the entrepreneurial life from a corporate lifestyle took some time as well but Scott believes there is no monetary value you can place on being your own boss, especially as a black woman.

Scott anticipates to see RANGE Beauty on retail shelves and be known as a powerhouse in the affordable, clean beauty space for women of color. She hopes to see RANGE evolve into a more lifestyle brand to help bring more women into an authentic space for self-awareness and self-love.

One thing that’s become abundantly clear is that our shades of color are not going anywhere and it will continue to grow in its representation of true beauty in our society. So having the luxury and convenience of going to any cosmetic counter or aisle, and knowing that we can find our shade without the struggle is becoming our new reality.

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Check out RANGE Beauty and find your perfect shade…

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