Yes, Black Women We Deserve Luxurious Things…

Ok, so can someone please tell me when it became fashionable to take a dim view of Black women flossing luxury apparel and accessories? Far too often, I see Black women ridiculed or maliciously insulted when they buy diamonds, Hermes bags, or luxury cars for themselves, suggesting that they should humble themselves and aspire to less glamorous or less elegant things. I can certainly understand that everyone doesn’t necessarily aspire to adorn themselves with high-end fashion or jewelry, much less can many of us actually afford such expensive indulgence, but we should never begrudge or discourage those who can and do flatter and reward themselves unapologetically.

I look up to those women and their confidence in getting what they desire, refusing to compromise their aspirations for the sake of appearances. They are a beacon of inspiration to hard work and success for women to get what they want when they want because they’ve put in the work to afford it!

More and more often, Black women are becoming their own boss because they find their efforts to be undervalued and underappreciated in a 9-5 working environment. They find themselves in a job without a track to advancement, so they decide to do something about it. While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with working for someone else, there are certainly frustrations associated with working in the background for a company or a boss who refuses to recognize your performance and repeatedly overlooks you for promotions and salary increases. We make compromises and prioritize the immediate needs until self-promotion and entrepreneurship become the most obvious solution for bypassing the frustration.

Social media has shunned Black women for their life of luxury. It somehow screams that we are bringing the value of luxury brands down when it’s actually the opposite in this case. The life of luxury should be a mere fantasy to us, not a reality. We shouldn’t expect our standards to be so high and humble ourselves in our standards. I call bullshit!

I love seeing successful Black women wearing Dior on a yacht in Cabo or posing gangsta on top of their new G-wagon truck with an inspirational caption on Instagram. Work is work, and unless you are born with a trust fund or seven-figure inheritance, hard work is the only avenue we have for achieving success. But we work to live, not live to work, so success and achievement should be rewarded! So why not indulge in the finer things of life when you deserve them! When you work hard and are successful enough to afford luxuries, they serve to incentivize further effort with an assurance that you know how to reward yourself.

There is a common complaint that many high-end luxury designers are not being inclusive enough, and this is an opportunity to show them what they are missing by promoting the designers who are sufficiently inclusive to deserve our business.

Interestingly, Black women are more connected online and shop more online than White Americans with the same income. No one is ever resentful of men or celebrities sporting their bling of things. The hypocrisy is deafening! When black women floss, we uplift and inspire other black women to go out and be bosses. Buying high-end items are not and should not be considered beyond our grasp, nor should never be envied or frowned upon based on gender or race, we create the vibe and uphold the appeal of high-end fashion and luxury because we look so damn good in it!


Featured photo: @nini_habibty

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