Black Boys & Mamas – Poem

black women about business

I was here before planted firm watching their legs dangle from trees.

Seated comfortably as his legs hit the playground.

Listening as his music fell silent.

Waiting as he ventured to the store.

I was here before as he ran down the street.

Losing his breath by the second.

Just hoping to make it home.

Once Black boys: Tamir, Jordan, Trayvon, Laquan, Eric.

Again, I opened as his feet entered the world.

Grabbed his hands to guide him through the repetition.

And we’ll be here again.

Black moms guarded and hopeful.

Christina Santi is a former culture writer at EBONY, speaker, and content producer born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She considers herself a well-read, not so traditional feminist with a heavy interest in music, fashion, and pop culture. She often refers to her Jamaican and Cuban descent when speaking about Blackness and her as a first-generation American.

Featured photo: Hunter Hyde

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