Some Cool Places to Get Your Work Done in Houston…And Just Vibes

Can you imagine, one in three Americans have some form of a side hustle? Furthermore, 61 million Americans (24 percent) plan to start a side hustle in 2021[1]. It seems that having a traditional full-time job alone just doesn’t cut it anymore for Millennials and Gen Zs. Having one or more side hustles is standard and becoming more common by the day!

Newer generations have taken on additional work, such as side hustles and contract or freelance work to broaden themselves for a more fulfilling life. They find the freedom and flexibility of independent work liberating and more enjoyable.

Now that Texas has officially opened, vaccinations rates have inclined, and as of June 26th, jobless Texans will no longer receive the $300-per-week supplemental benefit through the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program [2]. As a result, businesses are hiring and freelance work is booming once again.

With Houston flourishing as one of the top communities for young, skilled freelance workers in the U.S., we curated a list of co-working spaces and other cool settings that will support Houston’s growing culture for sharing spaces and ways to collaborate, network, or just plain get your work done most efficiently.

Tout Suite

An open coffeehouse setting in East Downtown with great wifi that you can come as you are and meet up with others. At ground level they have a broad menu filled with a variety of pastries, salads, and sandwiches, as well as plates, just in case you get super hungry. Downstairs for us laptop geeks where there is more space and tons of outlets to charge up your devices.

Price: Free to enter, but you have to purchase something on the menu to gain Wifi access for two hours

Kaffeine Coffee

***Pssst…Black owned! A funky, yet cozy coffee shop in the heart of the 3rd Ward, home for many thriving black businesses; (Turkey Leg Hut, Alfreda’s Soul Food, Bar 5015, etc.) where you can enjoy the ambience and the most amazing coffee. They not only have fast wifi, they offer printing services as well!

Price: Currently outside patio is available; you have to purchase something on the menu to gain Wifi access

Mo’ Better Brews

Located on Southmore Blvd (Third Ward), this vegan spot is amazing! Everything about the atmosphere is it! Plus, the customer service is top notch. They have a saying in front of their restaurant that says “Wrecka Stow”, meaning, “Record Store”, where they sell actual vinyl records which I will purchasing once I get my vintage Magnavox record player working correctly. Mo’ coffee please!

Price: Free wifi, but you have to try the vegan food, especially the Chik’n Fried Shroom & Grits! Menu price: $2-17

Campesino Coffee House

Hidden in the Montrose area, with its interior and exterior resembling some sort of a time-warped old-fashioned house, decked out with hand-me down furniture, this quant, cozy, quirky coffee shop has a great atmosphere to relax and get some work in order. Super fast wifi, Latin-American specialty drinks, and a chill atmosphere are where all the vibes at!

Price: Free to enter, but you have to purchase something on the menu to gain Wifi access

The Work Lodge

Looking for a more deliberately designed co-working atmosphere? Looking to be around more business-minded people? Try The Work Lodge! They have two different locations on the north-side of Houston. Their chic interiors and fully furnished office spaces feature private offices, co-working area, and virtual membership. Members have access to perks such as printing and cleaning services, free parking, access to common areas, free coffee, onsite staff, and super fast wi-fi.

Price: Membership start at $79-$600 per month; $40 per hour for meeting rooms

Cavo Coffee

Cavo Coffee’s hip, modern shop is also another cool location for getting some work done or just lounging around. The co-owner also owns a neighboring coffee shop Siphon Coffee and its Upper Kirby location sits next to “Local Office” which is also listed. What I love about this place is its support of local businesses by locally sourcing a large majority of its food and drinks.

Price: Free to enter, but you have to purchase something on the menu to gain Wifi access

Local Office – Houston

Another co-working space that has neon signs that say “Get to Work” or “Let’s Do This”. Sounds like a place you might like to be? All three locations are located centrally in the city, and with its modern, cool furniture, you can’t help but get those creative juices flowing. Members have access to fiber-optic internet, conference rooms, on-site parking, complimentary drinks and snacks, and also a dog-friendly environment!

Price: $25 for day pass; membership $199-$499 per month; private space $599-$1749, depends on size of team

Local Office | LinkedIn

This coffee shop is all about showing what Houston is made of, and that’s serving the best coffee the city can offer! The name comes from the idea of slowing down from our fast-paced, hectic lives and just enjoying good vibes. Three locations and still growing with their mission of supporting the local community, you can’t help but to support their business. In addition to coffee, they offer beer and wine so cheers to us Slowpokes!

Price: Free to enter, but you have to purchase something on the menu to gain Wifi access

Black Hole Coffee House

Located in Montrose, another great coffee place for local students to lounge and study. Quite hip, eclectic yet spacious atmosphere with enough seating and wall outlets for everyone. Offerings of breakfast and lunch and free wifi.

Price: Free to enter and free wifi!

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans (Black-Owned)

Three locations in Houston but my particular favorite location is the one in the ‘burbs of Pearland (South Houston). It’s clean, cozy and the Melanation’s team get a lot of work done here. A black-owned coffee shop that provides roasted, 100% arabica coffee made straight in the heart of New Orleans. They have unlimited fast, free wifi and their famous iced coffee is really good.

Price: Free to enter and free wifi


If you know more cool places in Houston to get work done and get major chill vibes, comment below!

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