Finally an App That Connects Black Women With Local Black Healthcare Professionals

In America, in this current age where we have ready access to the most modern and advanced technology in the world, black women continue to endure unprecedented racism in procuring medical services. Health and medical-related services have cost the lives of innumerable black women and in many ways, medical facilities may be considered some of the most unsafe environments we can find ourselves exposed to in a time of need.

In an attempt to address this dilemma, the Health in Her Hue, (“HIHH”) app, serves to amplify the voices and celebrate Black doctors who are doing amazing work to create a more welcoming and reliable healthcare environment, while navigating an inherently racist atmosphere where they often find themselves disrespected and outright undermined and dismissed in their work in Americas’ health care system.

“HIHH has created a digital media platform that makes it easy to connect Black women with Black doctors, as a ready solution to a broader problem of gaining access to compassionate quality healthcare. Black women deserve and have a right to evidence-based health content that reflects their cultural and sociological image and manner, allowing them to see themselves cared for, and to become fully engaged in taking better care of themselves. Where they can learn to advocate for themselves in seeking advice and support as they navigate the maze of America’s biased healthcare system.” – Ashlee Wisdom, Founder of Health In Her Hue

The app provides directed access to black doctors and healthcare providers, as well as a safe community website that centers on particular health issues such as auto-immune diseases, fibroids, reproductive health, and nutrition, and masterclasses along with upcoming events that highlight current news and research involving black women health.

While the app is still in the beta phase, there is a groundswell of interest and surging demand for such a platform, resulting in a great deal of fundraiser with investor interest. Tennis champ and G.O.A.T. Serena Williams has taken particular notice of the company and provided a massive grant to HIHH in her continued support of tech ventures owned or led by women.  

Please check out the Health in Her Hue app, and let us know what you think in the comment section!

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