The first part of the name, “Mela”, is derived from the word melanin, pointing to a cultural and identity touchstone related to skin tone or color. The second part of the name “nation” refers to our objective to unify and connect women through shared experiences.

Melanation is a fully integrated digital space and social platform created by and for women of color who believe in the power of storytelling, supporting black businesses, and building community as a means of educating and offering professional and personal content about sisterhood, providing an organic pipeline for maturation and empowerment.


The best membership platform that focuses on your personal growth and the overall community of black women!

We’ve gathered some of the best instructors from their respective industries who can help guide and train you through their reputable class. We instruct courses from pitching your brand to building generational wealth! You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to stand out, elevate, and pivot your life professionally and personally.

Classes cover a range of different categories: career, finance, entrepreneurship, health+wellness , and skin+beauty. Classes are instructed live-streamed and pre-recorded video for our members, live Q&A, and guided worksheets (if applicable to the class) so that you can learn at your own pace.


Jasmin Williams (She/Her)

“There’s truly something magical about being a black woman. Our amazing touchstone of culture and identity inspires resilience when our personal and public issues in regards to our career advancement and business ownership remain overlooked, discounted, and unaddressed. Melanation provides black women a platform that harmonizes and reaffirms us by and for us to showcase our uniqueness and relevance in digital media.”

our Team