8 Black-Owned Fashion Brands That Give Back with Every Purchase

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Let us help you make a fierce, fashion statement with these black-owned brands. We’ve searched far and wide to find the best black-owned brands in the fashion industry that are making a difference in our society today. Through our much extensive discovery, we’ve compiled a list of some of really amazing brands that give back with every purchase. When we support black-owned businesses, we are generally supporting small businesses and putting money back into our communities effortlessly. As a bonus, you will get an accessory or a fashion outfit in the process.

So, without further ado, let’s go shoppers!

Here is our list of eight black-owned brands you should get to know and support…


GRL TRBL (Girl Trouble) is a community formed in 2017 in response to the Trump administration’s open hostility toward women of color. GRL TRBL is designed to represent all oppressed black and latinx ladies in society, profiled and labeled as trouble. This community believes that the only way we can ultimately change such behavior is for women to come together to speak as one. GRL TRBL has designed and markets T-shirts, enamel pins, and other products, that make a statement of resistance, taking a stand against oppression and hostility, and giving you an avenue of protest. When you purchase one of their products, you are effectively providing them an audience and the chance to impact real change in our communities and society as a whole.

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Voluptuous Clothing

Voluptuous Clothing was conceived of by its founder Angela Samuels, as an initiative to empower young women through vibrant, flattering, and stylish clothing. If you are a plus-size lady, then this section will certainly pique your interest and satisfy your taste for fashionable elegance. Voluptuous clothing is an online clothing store where, as a plus-size lady, you will find clothes that fit.

The fashion industry’s concentration on small-sized women, sized between 0-10, ignoring the needs and interest of plus-sized ladies, provides a unique niche for Voluptuous Clothing, to design, market and sell outstanding outfits for full-figured women, resulting in a changing fashion industry that will cater to all sizes.

Angela, being a professional plus-sized, young black woman who has worked with some of the big names in the fashion industry, has a broad perspective that makes her more capable to handle the challenges of running her own online fashion store for full-figured women.

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Amani Ya Juu

Amani Ya Juu was founded in Kenya in 1996, bringing together skills in stitching, a love of African textiles, an eye for beauty, and a passion for peace, to transform broken lives into ones of celebration and hope. 

The name of the company Amani Ya Juu can be interpreted as “Peace from Above”.

The basic idea for Amani Ya Juu is a fair trade organization working with marginalized women to affirm their dignity and worth. Through a blend of ministry and business, Amani ya Juu emerged as a holistic economic enterprise. To be more specific, as the women get to experience God’s peace, they are taught how to stitch through their love of African textiles and to create marketable textiles and products with commercial appeal.

Amani ya Juu has grown from one location to a network of interdependent centers. In 2012, Amani Chattanooga was established as the US distribution center supporting the growth of Amani African centers. When you buy Amani Ya Juu products, you become part of the solution in making a profound difference in healing the brokenness of communities broken and devastated by the horrors of civil conflict. 

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Forward Chic Boutique

Forward Chic Boutique is your black-owned ASOS. Offering a fashion vibe that falls somewhere between Fashion Nova and New York & Co., Forward Chic Boutique presents trendy collections covering fashions that wear well at work, at home, and a casual outing like brunch. You’ll ‘wear the good’ before and after 5 PM. The online boutique is size-inclusive from S – 3X and with price points always below $85…what’s not to love?

Every purchase from Forward Chic Boutique supports black-led and serving nonprofits. The official website is still under construction, but if you want to get in early to snag exclusive discounts, now is the time to sign up to show support.

Haute Hope

If you are looking for the perfect place to buy gift boxes while giving back to society, then Haute Hope is the best option for you. The company was created in 2014 by Jess Puccinelli in her quest to provide ”beautiful gift boxes, featuring stylish products that gave back to good causes”. Each of the gifts offered by Haute Hope is thoughtfully selected and considered impactful to many lives.

For instance, the Cherie gift box features items that are ethically created using recyclable materials. The funds collected from purchasers of this gift box helps to fund micro-loans to women who’ve been victims of human trafficking. 

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Enbois by Maxim

Enbois is a wooden watch and bracelet company that was founded by Maxim Thuriere. He started this company in a college dorm room at the University of South Florida. Maxim wanted his small business to serve a greater purpose than just bringing him profits from the accessories he sold.

Maxim was born to a Haitian mother, and looking at the condition of her homeland in Haiti, he felt the need to give back to the community. The best way to achieve this goal was to use the proceeds from Enbois sales to improve distance learning and expand educational opportunities for the children of Southern Haiti.

Today, Enbois still donates $1 or more from every item sold. The company donates this money to the Haitian Resource Development Foundation to accomplish Maxim’s dream of helping the community. In 2015 alone, Maxim managed to donate $850 to facilitate the learning experiences of targeted Haitian Children.

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Bohten Eyewear

Bohten eyewear was founded by Nana Boateng Osei. The goal of creating this eco-luxury eyewear company was to produce and sell products that pay homage to fashion without losing the sense of social responsibility. To accomplish this goal, all of Bohten Eyeware products are made of reclaimed wood.

This wood is gathered from Western Parts of Africa; then, shipped to Canada, where it’s used to manufacture products with zero waste. Osei runs this environmentally conscious company, promoting a manufacturing process that cares about the environment. As well, she works with the UK-based charity known as Sightsavers, further burnishing her credentials.

Together they help prevent blindness and restore sight while advocating for the social inclusion of people who suffer disabilities. Bohten also partners to make donations from every piece of eyewear that’s sold by Sightsavers to help cure and prevent blindness in countries such as Ghana.

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Michelle Olomojobi founded Llulo in 2011. This company came to be in an unexpected way. One day as Michelle Olomojobi was shopping for a crop top, she had trouble finding something that would reflect her African Heritage.

So, she bought fabric and made her own crop top that showcased the beauty of her African Continent, and from that day, we have Llulo. This company features African inspired apparel, home decor, and accessories.

From the enormous profits she earns, Olomojobi loves giving back to her community. She uses proceeds from Llulo to buy educational supplies for schools in her native country. She even has a dream of making a trip to Nigeria to help the women create businesses that showcase all their beautiful talents locally and online.

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Featured photo: Bohten Eyeglasses

Madoree Pipkins is a socially-conscious entrepreneur and warm tea addict. When she’s not helping early career professionals land interviews for their dream jobs with HigherMeNow, she’s building a trendsetting community funding ecosystem with Forward Chic Boutique.

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