5 Reasons Why IDGAF About Joe Biden's Gaffes

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From Fox News and Breitbart to CNN and Politico, media coverage of the 2020 Election is saturated with articles and stories about Joe Biden’s gaffes. Resources wasted over-analyzing the slightest slip of the tongue. Air time filled focused on everything wrong with him, ignoring all that’s right about Joe Biden. Time poorly spent that we will never get back. There are a plethora of reasons why IDGAF about Joe Biden’s gaffes besides the simple fact that they’re irrelevant.

Here are the five most significant:

Joe Biden maintains higher spreads than any other Democratic Party hopeful in primary election polls in key battleground states, as well as in general election polls against Donald Trump. 

Experts and historians alike argue that the Electoral College is a relic of the past. It has only benefited Republicans during my lifetime, but it remains an essential component of winning a presidential election. Joe Biden is the clear front runner in his field of candidates throughout Democratic primary election polls. He is the only candidate who has broken away from the pack and maintained his spread across Trump Country where the party must engage swing voters throughout America’s heartland. Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by a spread of 16 in national general election polls as well as in key battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and his hometown state of Pennsylvania. In an EPIC-MRA poll conducted in the state of Michigan on August 28th and a Marquette poll conducted in Wisconsin on September 4th, Biden wins both states in a 2020 general election with spreads of +8 over Trump. According to a DMNI/Emerson Poll conducted on August 6, 2019, Joe Biden also turns Texas blue, teetering within the margin of error in a victory over Trump for Texas’s 36 electoral votes. These four states have a total of 82 Electoral College votes. For context, the 2016 election was decided by a 77 point Electoral College margin. Hillary Clinton fell just 43 electoral votes short of the necessary 270 to win. Donald Trump triumphed in all three of these rust belt states, taking all their combined 46 electoral votes. Just enough votes to cost Democrats the election.

It costs to be the boss.

Joe Biden raised $6.3 million within the first twenty-four hours of announcing his campaign. He remains the only candidate that beats Trump in a general election who can fundraise with the establishment of the DNC behind him in a way that will be comparable to Donald Trump and the RNC’s fundraising. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton raised a whopping $1,191 million, with Donald Trump trailing her by just over half, at $646.8 million. If we look at the second quarter for fundraising in the Democratic Primary, Pete Buttigieg leads as the highest fundraiser, amassing $24.8 million over Joe Biden’s $21.5 million, Elizabeth Warren’s $19.1 million and Bernie Sander’s $18.2 million. Mayor Pete is prime for political ascension. There’s a House seat in Indiana’s fifth district that would be perfect for him.

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Nominating Buttigieg risks key components of the 2008 and 2012 Obama coalition. The only thing worth more than money in politics is votes. Buttigieg is weak on criminal justice reform, police brutality and equal justice under law. All of the top tier candidates in his field have made these issues priorities for their campaigns so it is unlikely that he will garner the support of the Democratic party’s most dependable voting coalition. Black women are a vital cohort of dependable Democratic voters and Buttigieg could not win a general election against a Republican incumbent with an 83% approval rating within his party without these voters. Democrats aren’t the only party fundraising. During the same period, Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee raised over $100 million for his reelection. We could head into Super Tuesday, which is March 3, 2020, pondering the sense and sensibility of twenty candidates or we can put our dollars, and two-cents toward supporting the only nominee who has a fighting chance of beating Donald Trump in a general election.

Clout: “They do anything for clout!” (Cardi B voice) and Biden has it. 

Since America elected a reality television host, I’m cautioned against associating the office of the presidency with references to popular culture, but there is more than just a little something to name recognition in politics. Washington is a city that operates on recognition, relationships, and reputation. Biden’s career in public service makes him a well-qualified nominee who has all three. Joe Biden has served in public office since 1970, when he was first elected to New Castle County Council (say that five times fast) in Delaware. He has a proven record of working across the aisle with Republicans to advance bi-partisan policies on Healthcare reform and has already saved our country from a recession as Vice President. 

Economists’ predictions on futures suggest that this experience will serve as an asset to a president succeeding the Trump administration. There is a deliberate and intentional pragmatism about our career politicians. They are experts in diplomacy, citizenship and the law. Their expertise is invaluable to the mission of social justice and world peace. The Democratic Party has raised Joe Biden through its ranks and this is our last chance to capitalize on Joe Biden’s career on Capitol Hill. He has dominated the political system with experience across each branch of government. “Whole lotta people need to hear this. It’s a lot of names on my hitlist.”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

iOS press release: We are all Democrats and most of the Democratic candidates for the presidency are offering the same free things. The narrative continues to exemplify mutant renegade millennial progressives infiltrating the halls of Congress, pushing centrists aside who fail their purity tests. In reality, whoever receives the nomination is going to need the entire spectrum of left-leaning voters: progressives, liberals, socialists, Democrats, independents. And no matter where each of us falls on that spectrum, we need one another to win. Below is a visual of the most popular campaign promises by candidate.

Candidate Elizabeth Warren does not specifically mention teacher salaries but I gave it to her because she hints at it in her plans for strengthening the middle class. These values are all of our values. None of these values become policy if Donald Trump is successfully reelected. What is most important where we are now on Maslow’s Hierarchy is that we put forward our best shot at getting back into the White House or all these issues become white noise.

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Figure 1

Joe Biden has the best profile to relate to the average Trump Voter

Joe Biden has the support of America’s unions and their members. 55% of Trump voters are blue-collar workers who depend on economic justice which includes a strong middle class and affordable and accessible healthcare. There is common ground amongst the working class in this country. Joe Biden bridges the gap between simply engaging swing voters and embracing swing voters. Victory in 2020 depends on swing voters who voted for Obama in 2012 but voted for Trump in 2016. He is the only Democratic primary candidate with double-digit favorability in polls who prioritizes a plan for rural America in his campaign. He is the only leading candidate to present a seven-point plan to strengthen our agriculture system, which is in dire straits as a result of Trump’s trade war escalations with China. American farmers in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio and Pennsylvania are still waiting on upwards of $6 billion in bailouts from the Trump Administration for losses to their businesses that this administration caused. These states are Trump’s Achilles heel in his fight to win reelection. In the aforementioned Marquette poll of Wisconsin voters in August, 44% strongly disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president. If America’s farmers save this country the rustbelt will henceforth be referred to as the Soybean Belt.

We can carry on accommodating “two debate stages over two nights” and last-minute changes to fundraising requirements by the DNC in futile attempts to disqualify candidates. Or the remaining last 16 or so tier two and tier three candidates (you know who you are) can easily solidify the Democratic coalition by getting behind our inevitable nominee. The average American is burnt out on our political system because of these kinds of false choice traps. We are limiting our nominee to his mistakes and ignoring a career of successful public service. Joe Biden has navigated politics from a County Council to become the Vice President of the United States, serving THE FIRST Black/African American president. He’s Obama’s guy and because he’s Obama’s guy, he’s our grandmothers’ guy, and since he’s our grandmothers’ guy, he’s our guy. We love Joe Biden. He is tested and proven and has now come to do for us what Robert Mueller could not. He has come to restore this country to a place where we can talk to our neighbors and in-laws about sports and religion and politics without violence and changes to wills. It’s time to discuss the Vice Presidential nominee. We can have a dynamic debate about who’s beside Joe Biden or who’s after Joe Biden but Joe Biden is up next. So I encourage our former Vice President to buy Offset’s entire album and listen to Clout every morning before breakfast and every evening before bed because he’s our guy. “#!&&#% talk crazy on tweets (Who). They don’t want it ’cause I come to defeat.” 

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Shanique Perez is the Mom of two elementary school aged sons. She is a college student with a Journalism and Public Relations concentration. She has been writing, editing and proofreading for over six years. Her previous career in recruiting and client retention has sharpened her outreach and public speaking skills. She has written resumes and cover letters for clients. Shanique was born in New York City and the self-identified Afro-Latina American is of African American, Puerto Rican and Panamanian descent. Shanique Perez grew up in Southeast, Washington, D.C and attended The Madeira School in McLean, Virginia where her innate ability to communicate through writing evolved into a tool for political, social and economic activism. She lived in Houston, Texas for six years before relocating back to D.C. after Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017.

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