5 Inspirational Instagram Profiles That Will Get You Through COVID-19

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You all should know by now that I love a good therapy session. But to be honest, everyone does not have the kind of insurance, time, or access to good therapists. So, what do you do when private therapy just doesn’t fit with your schedule or deductible? Seeing as some of the most important and impactful aspects of therapy involves its impact on our wellbeing, anything that positively affects our wellbeing might be considered therapy.

Various podcasts are designed to help us see things from a different perspective. They offer strict knowledge and clarification that cause us to think differently and ultimately helps us to objectively consider how we think, feel and react and often help us understand the why of it all.

In a like manner, some high-quality Instagram profiles have a way of slowing us down and giving us perspective. They are found to somehow shed a positive light on matters and offer an opportunity for self-reflection as well as inspire a sense of normalcy in these chaotic uncertain times. To say the least, following the right Instagram profiles can add a layer of happiness or at least good feelings into our everyday life. If you are anything like me, you may find yourself checking social media every day, many, MANY times a day, and as such in a small way, find solace and a salve that soothes our mental and emotional health. With this as a prime consideration, we should take care in curating the type of content that you consume.

I find that something so simple as pictures on Instagram can have a deep impact on our state of mind. Yes, in this age of technology, social media is a powerful tool, but unless we are very careful, it can damage or at least scare us in many ways.

According to a 2019 study found on Psychiatry.org, 67% of adults agree that excessive social media consumption results in feelings of loneliness and isolation. By the highest share, 33% of African-Americans greatly identified with this link between feeling of loneliness and social media usage. According to this study, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are more likely than other ethnic groups to use a social media app for mental health support. While something that was supposed to bring us together, misuse of the tool may ultimately undermine our stability. Nonetheless, like all good things, properly used in appropriate measure, there are many positive attributes available through the use of social media.

According to Forbes.com, social media has increased our societal awareness through the distribution of news alerts that reach millions in a matter of seconds, as well as through the most dynamic marketing tool ever known. Add to that, the undeniable healing power of laughter? Social media gives us endless memes and ridiculous content that leaves us amused, and perpetually smiling from ear-to-ear.

This year, we are all challenged to curate the social media we consume to suit our destiny in terms of where we wish to find ourselves as well as who we wish to become. The more positivity we see, the more we believe in such, resulting in greater feelings of positivity in broader and more encompassing depth! We should endeavor to surround ourselves in it and with it. That may mean unfollowing problematic relations, and stop scrutinizing that celebrity gossip site you have become so fond of. Let’s sanitize our cast of followers and followings. To help you pursue this purging of unsuitable connections, here is a shortlist of a few inspirational, uplifting, and girl-empowering sites that you should endeavor to explore ASAP.


Morgan Harper Nichols is a premier Instagram influencer… a writer, artist, and musician of the highest order. I refer to her as an influencer because that exactly what her content does – influences mind and spirit to happiness and inner joy. The artwork found on her page is beautiful and definitely repost-worthy. But it’s her words of counsel that really put MHN on this list. Her poetic expressions that accompany the gorgeous images just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. Her posts feel like a breakthrough-inducing therapy session. Please do yourself a favor and check out her work!


I have been following XONecole for some time now, and I just love their content. It is truly uplifting and lighthearted. Over the years, XoNecole has expanded and grown into the quintessential mega-fabulous lifestyle site for black womanhood. Originally, XONecole.com was Necole Bitchie. With its makeover, it is now THE go-to site for women. Not only do they have a poppin’ IG, but they also present a solid website and even a podcast. XONecole is just a site that leaves you feeling simultaneously good, happy, and ultimately humored to the point of laughter.


@LoveBrwn is seriously one of my favorite pages on Instagram. At first glance, the profile looks like a hella-Black mood board. The pictures show a wide range of Black beauty and love. These images alone will put you in your feelings in the best way, but once you click on a picture, the captions will totally blow you away, and maybe even bring you to tears. The captions may be poems, questions to spark healthy debates, or just a long paragraph discussing trauma, love, friendship, and so much more. The creator of this page keeps a very, very low profile. But their words have touched so many including myself. This page will leave you feeling seen and heard. It’ll feel like a warm hug from your favorite woke auntie every time you visit this page.


You guys, this page is SO GOOD. I’m a new follower of @femalecollective but whew, chile, this is it right here! This page is run by Candace Reels, a content creator, and owner of www.femalecollective.org. This page is light on images, but much wordier than typical pages, and the words are so amazing and thought-provoking. Female Collective is a women’s empowerment page, and all for the good ol’ intersectional feminism at that. The content on this page ranges from sex, words of wisdom, and female empowerment, clearly all the good things that you need to double-tap on.


Ooh y’all, you’ve got to visit @therapyforblackgirls. Founded by psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to the mental wellness of Black girls and women. (Can I get an Amen?) The thing that I love the most about this site is that you can find a reliable therapist through Therapy for Black Girls. Their Instagram page is full of uplifting content, and thought-provoking questions – much like an actual therapy session. Therapy for Black Girls is full of resources that promote wellness and mental health, which can be difficult for us to find.

While so far, 2020 has hit us with an extraordinary array of emotionally draining events – crazy politics, pandemic deaths, and everything in between – we can begin to salvage the remainder of the year by making positive changes right away. We are healing in 2020, PERIODT! Make sure you are consuming content on social media that will help you to heal, grow, and feel inspired, sis!


Featured photo: @candacereels

Courtney D. Johnson is a fashion industry professional, or “pro-fashion-al” as she likes to call it, a freelance stylist, and writer. She is a published and award-winning fashion scholar and researcher, and a proud HBCU alumna. Courtney loves to research and write about Black beauty, style, and culture, as well as being an advocate for mental health. She is a proud auntie who loves to spend time with her nieces and nephews, friends, and family as much as she can. Courtney currently resides in the greatest city in the world, New Orleans, LA. Follow her on Instagram @_xoxocourtney

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