5 Essential Makeup Tips for Our Dark-Skinned Ladies

Dark-skinned women are blessed with amazing features, but finding the right beauty look can be quite a struggle. Buying makeup suited for your skin tone often feels like a treasure hunt. Shade ranges are limited, there’s a lack of Black or POC-owned beauty brands, plus very little representation in the industry in general. Maybe this is why these beauty struggles still persist to this day. But that’s what we’re here for — to give you our best tips to help you navigate the beauty world and help you boost your confidence.

Use the right shade of foundation

As mentioned, mainstream brands aren’t the most inclusive when it comes to shade ranges for their products. So as much as possible, avoid shopping online when you’re eyeing a new brand or product range. It’s best to color match in-person — plus, you’ll be able to enlist the help of a professional if you need assistance. Without proper color matching, products might end up completely off-color as they appear in studio photos. Though if you’ve purchased the wrong shade, fret not! You can still use it as a brightener or a liquid contour, or mix it in other foundations to custom-make a more suitable color.

Don’t forget your brows and lashes

Dark-skinned ladies are often blessed with naturally thick brows, but giving them some attention will help take your look to the next level. Make sure your brows are shaped and well-kept so that they’re easier to fill in. Those with bushier brows might only need a simple brow tint or brow gel to keep their brow hairs in place. This makes eyebrows look fluffier, while still being neat. And aside from your brows, you can curl your lashes to get the most out of their length and use one to two coats of volumizing mascara. If you want extra volume, look for a microfiber mascara.

Apply a rich-colored blush

Some women with darker complexions struggle with blush because they either don’t show up on the face at all or make you look ashy and powdery. This is because powder blushes are grounded finely, and so they look quite sheer applied on the cheeks. So, instead, opt for richer, saturated blushes. Don’t be intimidated by its brightness in the pan. These colors really suit darker skin colors more and compliment their undertones. Colors like amber, brick, and berry tones will add warmth and energy to your complexion. Additionally, try to go for liquid and cream-type blushes. They are usually more true to their color and will melt into the skin more naturally.

Powder moderately

Face powder is important and shouldn’t be overlooked because it can reduce shine. However, using too much powder can make your skin look dry and cakey, which is never a good look! If you want to achieve the no-makeup minimalist look that’s all the rage these days, invest in cream products for a natural, glowy finish. Then, just powder the areas where you get excess sebum throughout the day. Usually, this includes your t-zone: forehead, nose, and chin. You can use a light powder to touch up throughout the day, or you can use blotting sheets instead to minimize product build-up.

Opt for bold lip colors

As with blush, dark-skinned girls can rock the brightest and boldest lipstick shades the best. Darker colors like bright ruby, deep browns, cranberry, and other berry tones will highlight the shape and fullness of your lips. You may want to avoid lip products with a glittery or frosty finish, as these tend to come off on the ashier side on dark skin tones. If you want some shine, opt for a gloss instead, or any lip product that isn’t matte.

We hope you were taking notes because these five tips are sure to help you out the next time you get your beauty fix! Which ones do you think were the most helpful?

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