200+ Action Verbs for Your Resume and Professional Profile

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With the nation’s overall unemployment rate at 14.7%, an all-time high, the likes of which have not been seen since the Great Depression, the month of April saw unemployment for black men and black women rise to 16.7% [1]. With such high levels of job loss and rapidly dimming prospects for anything resembling a near term economic recovery, it would be prudent to take proactive steps to spruce up your resume, and better position yourself for possible full-time employment.

Melanation is providing a list of over 200 impactful verbs to spruce up your resume and polish your professional profile. Properly apply these verbs will help salivate recruiters and greatly improve your job search getting you that elusive interview and a very good chance at landing a really good job!

Management/Leadership Skills

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Technical/Analytical Skills

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Creative Skills

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Financial Skills

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Organization Skills

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Communication/Interpersonal Skills

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Research Skills

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