20 Killer Black Female Graphic Artists and Designers You Should Be Following Now

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Instagram has become this incredible landscape for creative artists and entrepreneurs to showcase and share their genius with the world at large. Their wealth of vision and design skills reflected in unique and awe-inspiring graphic layouts and page designs attract a great number of followers who admire and appreciate the artistry on display.

Melanation has certainly noticed these bad-ass women, who have not just established and skillfully nurtured a genuine and dedicated social media fan-base but have as well caught the eye of major corporations such as United Airlines, Pantene, Refinery29, Allure, Essence, and BET. Talk about not only winning and running the graphic design game, they have redefined the parameters of success, creating a whole new paradigm for commercial and artistic consideration. Based on their beautifully crafted and creatively inspired creations, we are sharing our lists of amazingly talented black women who rule the throne in the field of graphic design.

Reyna Noriega

successful black female entrepreneurs

Jade Purple Brown

young black girl entrepreneurs

Wild Logic

black female business owners

Shanee Benjamin

successful black business woman

Girelis Guzman

black female entrepreneurs

Dorcas Magbedelo

business ideas for young black woman

Sophia Yeshi

black women entrepreneurs


black female business owners

Laci Jordan

top black female entrepreneurs

Kashmir VIII

famous black female entrepreneurs

D’Ara Nazaryan

black girls in usa

Mlle Belamour

black color girl

Porsche Major

black celebrities

Taylor McManus

black girl usa

Sabrena Khadija

black business women online

Alexis Eke

best online shopping sites for women's clothing in usa

Mimi Moffie

black female entrepreneurs

Trudi-Ann Hemans

black women empowerment

Kendal Blake

small business grants for black women

Stormy Mae

dark skin melanin
Featured photo: Taylor McManus

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