What You Say?! 15 Men Speak The Truth About Black Women

So we came across several men who speak their truth about their, well their love and admiration for us ladies. We asked 15 men from different backgrounds as they share their opinions of what attracts them the most to us queens.  Let’s see what they had to say:
“I really like a black woman’s passion about life and such. They have a fire that’s special!” – Otis C., Senior Strategy Consultant
“I love a black woman’s natural hair. It is unique to our race and it cannot be imitated. It’s so versatile and unique. Today, it could be a large Afro. Tomorrow, it could be laid down for the gods (lol)!” – Davin O., Gym Owner
“I am really attracted to the authenticity of a black woman and how she carries herself through any obstacle she encounters.” – Carl N.,Senior Financial Analyst
“What attracts me the most about black women is their internal strength. The strength to not allow themselves to be controlled or be ran over by a man especially. Most people look at it as in ‘black women got a bad attitude’ but that’s not true. They are just strong and unwilling to just accept the public’s standards of how women should act.” – Christopher F., Distribution Coordinator
“Their looks and their love for black men.” – Steven O., Practice Administrator
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“For me, I love an educated black woman for their determination and wherewithal to overcome what society deems impossible because of race and gender.” – Matthew W., Financial Analyst
“The beauty in their different shades of skin tones and natural curves that resemble a work of art.” – Aundre M., Artist/Painter
“One of the most important for me is directness: simply expressing what it is she wants from the relationship. I believe it makes it easier to build trust because I don’t have to guess/assume what her desires are for the relationship. If she’s looking for marriage, friendship, or romance, it’s imperative that she explains that–so we don’t assume anything more or less is desired by her.” – Michael A., Sr. Claims Consultant
“Physically, there is no match to a black woman’s body in my opinion. The hues of earth tones in their skin. The universal understanding between black men and women cannot be replicated. There will be no woman who understands me like a black woman. Period.” – Adrian E., Financial Advisor
“Black women are blessed with effortless curvaceous bodies.” – Leon D., Digital Marketing Business Owner
“Strength and style. I don’t believe there’s a strong species on this planet than black women and a more versatile group of people when it comes to style and fashion.” – Michael G., Chef/Caterer
“They’re sassy, they’re strong, and they get straight to the point! They are just beautiful too.” – Joey E., Actor/Stand-up Comedian
“Black women have a certain attraction to them that makes me want to do better. Natural encouragers that want to see you do better. Endless strength.” – Geralda B., Professional Photographer
“They fight for us than anybody that I know. It just saddens me how much their beauty is not portrayed correctly in the media. They have such a strong voice and story that many people are not open to hear.” – Nick S., Web Developer
“Physical: I love the many shades, sizes, and just the uniqueness of black women. There is no other race with the curves and natural beauty of the black woman. Mental: I just connect with black women better. They understand the culture but most importantly they understand the struggle. I think black women need the most love and are the most misunderstood race of women. Black women are just awesome.” – Sean C., Sales Coordinator
Featured image: @createdbyjarrod

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