Let’s Make Shit Happen in 2018! Melanation's Founders Reflect on 2017 and Share Their Goals for 2018

December 29, 2017

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Did We Reach Our 2017 Goals?

“As I reflect back to our journey I would say this, even though we didn’t accomplish all our of goals this year, we had a somewhat a good year. We launched our website in July and we had many great people who supported our website.” – Jasmin

“I am really proud of what we did this year. We had the opportunity to reach out and interview great female bosses. We did more than I thought we were ever to do. I mean we interviewed Trinity Wofford with Golde and Stacie Turner from the reality show, Housewives of DC, who shared her expertise of homeownership. I think there’s definitely more room for us to grow and our business. Overall, we did great!” – India

“Yes! Shout out to Crystal Ngumezi with P31 Women. She was the first person I interviewed with and a fellow friend of mine from high school. She’s doing big things and I wish her nothing but success. Also, the interview with Forbes Masters went great as well. Lovely ladies. ” – Jasmin

“Being new to the blogging and entrepreneurship, I learned that this journey takes great patience and there’s no deadline for success. It takes a lot of hard work and time. Putting the work is key.” – India

“I learned much about myself during this journey and how hard this journey really is. I had to learn to be more organized and disciplined and being a better partner and friend. Take risks and do things that would probably scare me outta my mind if you were to ask me like a year or so. But overall, I say this journey has been a headache and a joy for me. So excited for the new year!” – Jasmin

“I just want to leave with–thank you so much to our readers and supporters! We cannot be where we are now without you guys. We are constantly learning and improving our brand and message to make it even better for you guys. This has been a true rollercoaster for us but an exciting one for the most part. We love you!” – India


Melanation Founders

Last Advice for Our Readers in 2017

“I would say self-care is important. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Take care of what needs to be done. Don’t put things on hold because it’s challenging and requires work. Delaying it will only cause you to stress more. I would also say set a mixture of realistic and challenging goals for the new year. ” – Jamin

“Learn to love yourself. If you love yourself, everything will fall into place. You will be in such a happier mood. If you have gone through struggle and hurt in 2017, 2018 should be the year for self-healing and growth. Nourish your soul and continue to pray for health and love. And don’t be afraid to grow and take chances!” – India

Our 2018 Goals

  1. Create better (inspiring) content
  2. Post videos
  3. Dabble in merchandise/swag
  4. Collaborate with other female entrepreneurs
  5. Continue to learn more from our readers and support them as well
  6. Take care of ourselves and learn to relax


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