Our Story

“Share our stories, Build our sisterhood, Create our legacy”

Melanation is a digital space created by and for women of color who believe in the power of storytelling and educating career skills and culture as a pipeline for empowerment and unity.

Our mission is to empower and uplift women to be entrepreneurs, community leaders, and influencers. Through interviews, videos, features, and opinion pieces, you’ll find a variety of topics in different industries including but not limited to art, fashion, non-profit, education, government, and entertainment. We will take you to meet upcoming, talented, driven boss ladies from everywhere around the country…possibly around the world!

Melanation is committed to provide and preserve a social media presence for all women of color who like to share their passions and narratives through self-expression, cultural anchoring, and dialogue while still advocating #blackgirlmagic to our readers. Our work is grounded in the belief that digital storytelling is a powerful and an informative tool to promote cultural awareness and inclusion.

While our primary focus is to identify and publish online stories for women of color, we also support all genders and races who support our movement as well.